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relations matter most

Screenshot 2016-05-05 10.56.02This TED talk really is worth being watched. It’s about a 75 year long happiness study which comes to one conclusion: The quality of relationships is what matters most in life.

Those who were the most satisfied with their relationships in their 50s were the healthiest in their 80s. Just watch yourself:


minimalism documentary

These guys are a great inspiration to me concerning minimalism and focus. Now they made a documentary about what matters most and what doesn’t. Here’s a preview:

wanna play?

Don’t we all have our issues that let us believe there is something we can’t do?

secrets of happiness

Everybody is a bit weird!

natürlich bauen

Ist es vorwärts oder  rückwärts gewandt, wenn Häuser wieder mit Jahrtausende alten Techniken gebaut werden?