SAHARA experience I.

The desert is special.

In everyday life, I often feel that I am doing x things at the same time, usually in different stages, often intertwined, but sometimes completely independent of each other. This is usually manageable, but sometimes things fall down the back.

Who knows that as well?

After clarifying the essence, whether the water in the bottle is enough until the next stop, so many strange thoughts when running through the desert were no longer necessary. The choice where to put your foot and the slight deviations from the path far behind the camels or previous ones were tangible choices, as well as the handling of the aching body parts and the one, two choices at meals.

The reduction, as an essential goal of this venture, was instantly recognizable in the obvious areas, such as food, clothing or sleeping comfort, and showed how easy things can be … and still work.

But also in conversations a reduction of our own thoughts was recognizable without any consufion with so many other topics.

Was that bad?

No, it also led to a recreational experience there.

Thank you Florian for this experience

thilo w.

personal coaching

I thought, decided, looked for a new job, found a new job and started working this week. I am now working for …, a management consultancy from S. I feel much better than before and am convinced that I have found the right thing for me.

I would like to thank you for your help and support.

Thank you for your time.

It has really brought me a lot to talk to and think about things that I did not directly look at myself. Especially the question “What else do you need to decide for you?” Has really triggered a longer thinking process with me. Many Thanks!

georg r.

SAHARA experience I.

I am pleased about such offers, because they also addresse people who have been working in the profession for a long time and whose career questions have less and less to do with the right application or the perfect CV, but more and more with issues of creating a long-term plan, a sustainable life and career planning. These topics can be shared among like-minded people with hours of walking and even longer breaks under shady palm trees.

thomas w.

SAHARA experience I.

This Sahara trip with Florian and the other participants was a very special experience for me. Our expectations were different – whether coaching, being alone and thinking, adventure, physical activity, wanderlust or limits, they were all fulfilled.

My memory of it?

A truly exeptional journey with a lot of silence, reduction to the essentials, great companions and sleeping outdoors under the African starspangled sky – unique!

chris m.

SAHARA experience I.

5 days, 4 nights – 8 people, 3 camels – a journey by foot to the physical limits of the individual in the endlessness of the desert.
In the morning we have wonderful hot Moroccan tea. We head on with our backpacks and put one foot in front of the other for the following hours. The rhythm is determined by the camels and the fitness of the individual. Over the midday heat we lie exhausted in the shade of a tree. When the camels are packed again, it’s time for us to leave.

The desert is one of the most diverse places that I have ever seen. The surface changes every few kilometers, sand without stones seemed to me the most pleasant.
The last hour of the daily march, when the heat as well as the energy slowly disappears, I look forward to our camp. As soon as we arrive we fall on our mats. We cook and eat lentils with rice. We solve desert puzzles, tell and laugh together about the hardships of the day, before we fall asleep early under the star spangled desert sky.

judy h.

SAHARA experience III.

The Sahara tour with Florian was a fantastic journey into a wonderful world. The localization, completely new to me, in terms of landscape, culture, temperature-related challenges and everyday contact with nomads who led us through the desert were the perfect foundation for breaking out of everyday life and questioning and re-thinking established behaviors and habits.

The daily 1-2 hours of loosely designed “workshops” with Florian with changing topics about interpersonal communication and expectations in the daily dealings with fellow human beings, to name only an example, gave food for thought for the daily use. The scope of the tour gives each individual the freedom to be with themselves or to discuss them with their fellow travelers.

The wonderful and very restrained companionship of the two nomads, who casually made up the most delicious dishes from the simplest of ingredients, gave a priceless insight into the life wisdom, bravery and attitudes to the lives of these highly contented people, who combined minimalism with nature Life.

A priceless experience in every respect, where everyone in one way or another reaches its limits and thus grows a bit with the setting of new individual boundaries

claudia z.

sailing in punta ala

Thank you so much for these memorable 2 days on the boat in Punta Ala.

Florian, you are a spectacular skipper and coach! We hope we can make it to the ESCP Summer Gala in September and see you all again.
Christiane S.

christiane s.

SAHARA experience III.

Everyone knows the saying “send him to the desert”.

When I told my family and friends that I was going into the desert, I heard, “Why?”, “Why something so pointless?”, “That’s totally dangerous!”. When I told them that I went to the desert because of work, I only received pity.

For what brought MY TRIP through the desert, I could at that time already have started to celebrate.
I did not come back as a better person, not even with a better seated meat, nor did I become a radical Muslim. Actually, I stayed.
The seated meat can be explained quickly: I spent two and a half days on a dromedary. It makes, I believe, no difference, whether in a small dinghy storm over the North Sea drives or completely exhausted on such an animal home wants. It rocks like a pig.

I have a job where one project comes after the next and the rest periods on the weekend are not enough anymore. I hung my head in the last project, so I had to prepare the next one. Nothing unusual these days. I have been doing this job for a few years already. Changed the company, but still it felt so damned wrong. I had the feeling that I was not happy.

The desert trip, if I just limited myself to this topic, was a possibility for me to let all the thoughts that rush through my head, come and go.

Learn to accept.

You can say, the desert got me hooked. When I got back home, I noticed how this little patch of earth enriched and inspired me.

There is so much to tell about diversity, experiences of nature and one’s own body, of people who simply emerge and disappear from the depths of the desert, about habits that are important, about communication and …

All this is accompanied in a wonderful, personal and professional way by Florian!

jan r.

RIDING experience II.

Dear Florian,
the trip to Provence gave me a lot. The time with my horse, Prince and the conversations / the coaching with you reconciled me to myself for a large part. The realization that the frustration does not take me any further, but on the contrary keeps me in the past, has given me decisive impulses. The experience that my horse feels very exactly how I am, has made me reflect many things as well.

That I had this time has been infinitely valuable to me. I’m grateful for almost everything that I experienced on this trip. I have reached my limits and overcame these several times. This gives me endless courage to tear down other boundaries in my life as well. I am stronger than before, safer, and far less stuck in the past.

Thank you for everything!

theresa v.

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