RIDING experience

This journey will help you to unlock your true potential by getting in touch with your yourself through individual coaching while enjoying the beauty of Provence

Only 7 seats are available in total. Each price category is only available one time. Being quicks saves you money. Reserve your seat now by sending a request.

The RIDING experience is only for people who are willing to do the following: 

  1. put the own ego behind
  2. and learn how to lead a horse by non-verbal communication
  3. willingness to open up and  go deep in conversations
  4. openness to challenge and change belief systems

If these 4 points apply to you the RIDING experience might be the perfect fit for you to create and llive the life you love.

This experience is for people who love horses and the simplicity of being outdoors. Taking care of the horses first and last thing each day, sleeping in a barn or under the open sky and sitting around a campfire at night.

Riding in Provence is perfect, when you love the remote beauty of Provence and the ancient style of its villagesand when you enjoy the French food and cuisine, even as a picknick in the forest.

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This tour requires you to be fit, because we ride and walk several hours each day, up- and downhill.

The Provence tours offers deep conversations and coaching and is for those who crave more meaning, more depth, more joy and more love in their life and are searching for honest and tough insides with Florian to open up like never before.

The RIDING experience is NOT for those who just want to try out riding, or those expecting an all inclusive luxury vacation that just stays on the surface..

Register now to save your seat to join us live for the next RIDING experience or submit your request to receive a personal  information call for free.

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The RIDING experience is one of the best coaching experience out there and you will have:

  1. personal preparation call
  2. RMP motivation analysis
  3. RMP feedback coaching
  4. mindscaping session
  5. graphology session
  6. seven individual coaching sessions

included in the package. This combination offers you the possibility to anchor a whole new set of behaviors and use it as a kick off for a new levels of depths in your life.

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This is what former participants say about this experience with Florian:

riding experience gallop behind

decisive impulses

theresa b. RIDING experience II. 16/02/2019

Dear Florian,
the trip to Provence gave me a lot. The time with my horse, Prince and the conversations / the coaching with you reconciled me to myself for a large part. The realization that the frustration does not take me any further, but on the contrary keeps me in the past, has given me decisive impulses. The experience that my horse feels very exactly how I am, has made me reflect many things as well.

That I had this time has been infinitely valuable to me. I’m grateful for almost everything that I experienced on this trip. I have reached my limits and overcame these several times. This gives me endless courage to tear down other boundaries in my life as well. I am stronger than before, safer, and far less stuck in the past.

Thank you for everything!

riding experience tonys place

Why do you need this RIDING experience? And why is now the best to to register?

  1. When you ever wanted to live your childhood dream and spend a week on a horse. When you want to learn and experience how to interact with such a beautiful animal on a non verbal level, the combination of Tony (the horse whisperer) and Florian is perfect as we will give you insights you never received before.
  2. When you care about the horses and want to make sure that they are treated the best way and carrying you for a week is a fair deal of having a good life, you are just right at Tonys place and his horses. He loves his horses and ALWAYS puts them first.
  3. When you are sick of learning and teaching out of a textbook, when you crave life experience more than charts and powerpoint presentations, Florian will give you the best of 15 years of experience in working with high achievers of all levels, from students, moms, and CEO’S to Entrepreneus. Therefor he cares only about you and your view of the world when working with you. He sees the Queens and Kings within.
  4. Each price category is available only once, because we want to always offer a low price option for those who can’t afford the regular price as well as reward those who trust us ahead of time to give us security in the planning. The sooner you register the lower the price, that simple.