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becoming a sailor

becoming a sailor by becoming a minimalist

I wanted to buy a boat for years. When I was a young boy, I remember to not be able to pass any harbor when we were on family vacation without the need to look at all the sailing boats. Somehow I was never interested in motorboats. I didn’t recognize it at that time, but maybe I was less interested in crossing an ocean than I was in lifestyle, beauty and freedom. That might be one reason why I did not put everything into becoming a sailor at that time.

Another reason might be that my parents told me quite frankly that you need more money for sailing than me.

true motivation & empowering beliefs

Today I know that I could have done two things different:

1. Go deeper into my thoughts and feelings, finding out what it truly is, that inspires and touches me. Then go for that directly. Find out the true motivation.

2. Seeing the money issue as it is, a limiting belief. Money is something that can be created and serves as a mean to get you what you want or you can go for what you want directly. Change limiting to empowering beliefs, it’s a choice you make.

Now I know, that there are multiple ways of becoming a sailor and most of them don’t require buying a boat. If you think about sailing, make a license at a local club, ask to join as crew on a boat transfer, charter and share a boat with friends to go sailing or become a competitive sailor at a local boat club.

There is always a way if you truly want to.

 For me sailing means:

  • freedom
  • atmosphere
  • romance
  • sunshine
  • peacefulness 
  • nature
  • simplicity
  • lifestyle
  • beauty

Life altogether is all about beauty for me. Why would I want to live anywhere, where I don‘t find beauty. Why would I spend my time creating anything else than beauty. It became a mantra for me, that I want to live at places and do only things that others regard as vacation. I want  to create a life so beautiful that I don’t ever have the urge to go on vacation, because I already love what I do.

For my personal vita it might have been helpful that I didn’t know back then what I really want. I needed to find out on my own. That helps me now to reflect on myself and transfer that knowledge to other situations. It made me become the coach I am.

From 2010I started to look for a boat every once in while and most of them just would’t blow my mind. Well they were boats and it would be kind of cool to have one, but as I didn’t look for a boat to sail but also one to live on I wasn’t able to take a decision. The ones I really liked were wooden boats, but all the other boat owners I told that, told me to keep my hands off wooden boats because they need way too much work.

What had to happen first. I needed to:

  • downsize
  • travel with less
  • learn to let go
  • travel out of comfort zone
  • have more wood working experience
  • get some positive motivation from others who have done something similar

What I did:

  • went on a Sahara solo trip by foot
  • bought a vintage caravan
  • lived and travelled for almost a year in the caravan
  • started travelling to Africa
  • build a Lodge on a tropical island
  • lived a year with not much more than hand luggage
  • renovated an old wooden hut in the Swiss mountains
  • got to know young sailors of Sailing Uma, White Spot Pirates, Sail Life and Leo Sampson
  • learned how to DIY restore boats

The time is now

Mainly inspired by Leo Sampson, I found out about the traditional folkboat and all of a sudden everything fell into place. I started the research and learned about this classic wooden boat. Easy to sail with a simple rigging, quite small and yet enough place to travel and sleep on it, seaworthy and safe, cheap to buy and possible to repair everything by hand.

Next was researching a boat. Looking at a few, buying one, bringing it into the water and start sailing. That process took me almost one year and will be part of another article.

I sailed a couple of hundred miles since 2019 and learned important lessons. After a long Corona break the simplicity now waits in Marciana Marina, Elba for the next season.

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