logbook #20191126

I am sitting on a boat that is not my own for a couple of hundred miles now. We are sailing from Gibraltar to the canaries and it feels good to move. Especially having consistent wind and a working wind-vane helps covering longer distances each day.

Temperatures are getting better and I am getting used to the daily watch schedule. That leaves me with some time to write and think.

I had a look through my recent blog articles and became aware that I randomly posted about this summers sailing trip. One reason was of course, being too busy and too exhausted but the other was a lack of focus on what to write about. On each day, seen separately, nothing that special happened and I didn’t want to bother anyone with is. What I realized now, looking back on the last months… 

I did quite some interesting stuff this year

So far I wanted to include a special learning out of each article I published. Often though, the major learning comes by having done it, nothing theoretical needed for that time.

In this year for example I have:

  • refitted a 60 year old wooden folkboat
  • climbed Mt Meru
  • climbed Mt Kilimanjaro
  • went backcountry riding for one week in Provence and got bitten by a fox
  • started sailing my tiny wooden boat for three month straight
  • almost sunk my boat in a thunderstorm and scared the sh*t out of me
  • altogether spent more than 6 month on a boat
  • founded a safari & tour company
  • bought 25 hektar of bushland at East-Africas largest Nationalpark to build a safari lodge
  • walked for one week in Sahara and saw my first real life Cobra and Viper
  • put together my best long-term coaching product, a mastermind for CEO‘s
  • sailed from Gibraltar to the Canaries in November

So nothing really special, right?


everything is special

Everything you do is special for you and that moment, because it is your choice and the only moment you have. For me that is extremely important because 10 years ago I started to become responsible for my own luck. Before that I was more in a reaction than a creation mode and I didn’t focus on my trop priorities. Thinking back my top priority was travelling and was still something I just didn’t do back then.

I neither took responsibility for my dream or my vision, nor my daily routines, the people or the environment that surrounded me.

happiness is a choice

More than anything else, I didn’t take responsibility for my happiness. I waited for this or that to happen before I could become happy. I also depended on other people for my wellbeing. What a BS. Take care of yourself first, because if you aren’t important enough to yourself, to whom should you be?

Now, I can’t say that everything went well for me since then. I have to admit that I had absolutely no idea through how much more I had to go through, but I can say this, I am coping with it much better than ever before.

I took a lot of decisions I wouldn’t take a second time, but it helped me grow into the person I am now. It taught me thankfulness.

If you feel happy or not doesn’t depend so much on what happens, but how you deal with it.

Everything I do nowadays still feels so normal and unspectacular. I know you could do the same if you wanted to and yet it can be a hell of inspiration for everybody who doesn’t take decisions for his own life yet.

logbook series

Apart from my irregular blogpost I am now starting a logbook series this article being the first one. As the title will tell you, it might contain just smaller updates on where I am an what I do, just a logbook entry. That simple. You can search for them by category or tag to see all logbook entries after Nov. 26th 2019. After publishing they will be locked for 7-14 days and you will need to be my Patreon supporter to see them right away.

Let me know what you think about it, shall I less or more often? Shall I write longer or shorter?

Take care!

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