logbook #20191127

5 days at sea.

We finally left Barbate in Southern Spain after some days of heavy wind and rainfall.

The seas were stormy and the waves huge. Knowing that it would calm down we headed out on the 22nd. Surprisingly neither one of us did well with the rocking boat. Chloe and the cat were feeding the fishes and I felt very sick for more 48 hours.

As it has been the first time for me on an overnight passage I needed to get used to the watch shifts. 

The second day we had to start the engine and kept it running for almost 30 hours until we could hoist the spinnaker to move by wind only again. Winds are increasing and decreasing since then, but push us steadily in the right direction.

Day 4 was the first for me to feel normal and do some cooking under deck. I stay most of my time in the cockpit though. With each bit that we move South the sun is getting warmer and while we started with waterproof winter-clothes, a t-shirt is enough by now.

I enjoy the fluorescent water during the night, the sunrise during my morning shift, tucked under a warm blanket. Most spectacular are the magic sunsets, the golden light and the air still being warm from a day of sunshine.

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