logbook #20191203

We finally arrived on the 28th after 6 days at sea. Compared to our initial prediction we were 24 hours late and I was glad to see land again. After all has it been my first night sailing, my first passage and my first multi-day sail.

I am thankful to have experienced so many different conditions, from cold and windy in Gibraltar, to wet and windy in Barbate, to waves and wind when we left, becalmed the second day and decent downwind sailing with a lot of sun the days after.

volcanos in the ocean

It is very strange to see a bunch of volcanos reach out of the ocean and to anchor near a sandy beach on an island made of nothing but rocks and ashes.

I question what kind of a funny species we humans are. Inhabiting this piece of rock in the middle of nowhere. Keeping it as waypoint for sailors as a last stop on the long journey west is understandable. But trying to cultivate the island and living there for good is something completely different.

We are confronted with a PanPan call the first day that we are in the canaries. 35 people, probably migrant are lost somewhere in the region on a speedboat. Until today I couldn’t even find out, if they were found at all. It brings to mind again, how lucky we are to have a European passport and the luxury of modern navigation.

After staying in La Graciosa for two days we leave for Lanzarote and stay two nights in Alcerife and then sail to Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura where I catch my plane to bring me back to Switzerland in 4h15min.

no hurry

No wonder we are forgetting the pace of life. I am looking forward to be on my own boat again, with no need to take a plane anywhere.

Once again I realized how I want to make the following sentence not only a part of life but truly live up to it:


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