logbook #20200116

The new year has started as if winter was about to end, not start.

Days and weeks of sunshine and absolutely not enough snow in Switzerland was strange. Apart from the consequences for nature it were lovely first days of the new decade. Soon I left for Elba, Italy. Everything was fine, the ‚simplicity‘ is clean, dry and warm. It seems as if she managed well in the storms around Christmas. I worked on the outboard engine, the interior of the cabin and some parts of the varnish. In the constant rains at the end of the year, water soaked into the wood and stayed under the varnish and it wouldn’t dry. I fixed that and worked on a new cover to keep the boat and especially the cabin wood as dry and protected as possible.

tiller pilot

I also installed my new tiller pilot, which I couldn’t test as there was absolutely no wind and I was still working on the engine. I am looking forward to some chilled solo sailing though. Beside all of that I enjoyed some perfectly sunny days in the mountains of the island and I finally decided to go for a huge optical change. As I did not cut my hair since I visited Zanzibar for the first time exactly 5 year ago, I took it as a sign for a new chapter in my life and cut it all of.

letting go

It was time to let go, as it is with the Caveman Lodge. If I ever have the chance to get it back I will go for it, but I will put all of my effort in Tanzania into Django.Tours.

For now I am back in Switzerland. I went snowboarding in perfect powder and enjoyed our hot tub in the snow. I plan to stay here for a little while before I will go back to Elba and prepare the boat for the summer season. Next will be some work on the mast as it has some parts with damaged varnish.

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