logbook #20200614

When I started this logbook segment, I thought I will let you know about my ongoing adventures and travels.

I planned to work on my boat early this year and be out and sailing quite a bit. Finally around Corsica. I thought with a good reefing system and my new autopilot I’ll be good for some exiting solo sails.

There is an old jewish saying: “Do want God to laugh, then make a plan.“

Maybe it be God or the Universe, I guess a lot of plans for 2020 already did not work out at all. After a wonderful start of the year in January on Elba I did not make it back there. So there are no other boat news other then: I hope it’s still there.

I plan to go back by the end of this month, but well, I said that before.

In the meantime I will take care of my „other project“.You may have heard of it. Although I was hiding it for quite some time, I am a nature boy. I love the great outdoors and I love animals. If I can’t travel or sail I might as well surround me with nature, animals and another wood project.

I started with some rabbits, began restoring an old Swiss barn and build it into a little farm by now. It grew into 150 animals by now. Especially boat dog Jango seems to be exited about the project as it seems to suit him better than sailing on a tiny boat. Right now I am working on a few automation processes so I could minimise the daily work and could be out sailing and have somebody else take care of it.So far it looks and feels like a decent project and something that I enjoy coming back to when traveling. I am looking forward to continue it and/or maybe build something similar in Tanzania one day.For now I only make plans ranging from a day to a week and I keep adjusting. So who knows.

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