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I write these updates from a very personal point of view. They are neither meant to brag nor to convince anyone of anything. Since my work ethic is: NO bullshit, NO secrets and keep it REAL, I ask you to hold nothing back.

These updates are my way of holding nothing back, to show who I am and what I think. Even before we meet for the first time. You choose: You like me, or you don‘t.

If you do… let us have a chat.

I don’t believe it.
How come time is running so fast.

More than a whole year, that basically took for ever lies behind us and now I wonder where it went.

I have posted this update in one of my recent newsletters and I mentioned the topic before. Somehow this has been a crazy year. Most of my plans did not work out this year. I had to take a couple of improvised turns and probably it has been quite similar for you. At a certain point I stopped making plans for anything lying further in the future than 10-14 days. I thought that it might come different anyways.

The good thing about flying at sight though, is that you can not be so easily surprised by long term changes. On the other hand is it difficult to make and therefor reach long term goals if you don‘t know where you are heading.

I don‘t know how you made it through this year but maybe you had to change plans as well.

my plans that did not work out

  • did not really work on my boat and am just managed to keep it afloat
  • did not really go sailing at all for a year year
  • did not grow or even serve my Patreon community, although they support my KIDZ project in Tanzania
  • did not manage to support the education of another kid through KIDZ in Tanzania
  • after January we didn‘t do any Kilimanjaro, Safari, Zanzibar, Ethiopia or Morocco tours, the whole sector is still out of business
  • almost no progress on our safari camp/lodge in Ruaha Nationalpark, Tanzania
  • all face to face coachings were cancelled
  • all company trainings were cancelled
  • instead of putting money aside for the next time off, I spent all that was left
  • didn‘t finish the Officeless Office book that I am working on, although it was planned to have it reviewed by now
  • did not go on any adventure for a  year

Writing all of this brings up the feeling of a huge failure. So many things I planned to do, but none of them worked out. Nevertheless I decided to write todays update around this topic because I have seen a lot of plans change or go wrong this year.

But… that doesn‘t have to be the worst thing to happen. Times are always changing. It just seems to happen a bit faster this year and where there is change there are possibilities.

A coach of mine once told me, that whatever brought me to where I am right now, is what is holding me back from further progress. If you want (or need) change, more of what you did so far, is not what will get you there.

I took the chances to learn and experience a couple of things, leaving me now with options I did not have a year ago.

what I did instead

  • bought a sawing machine and taught myself to repair sails and redid 3 sets of sails for my boat
  • built up tiny farm in the Swiss mountains raising endangered European livestock species
  • coached as much as I could for free
  • created the MASTERCLASS officeless office
  • actually started writing the officeless office book
  • created 4 paid MASTERMIND groups
  • changed my entire coaching business for the better
  • invested and helped out my African partners
  • built up new partners for future Africa experience
  • am now in Elba working on 2 boats giving me the opportunity to go sailing with guests.

I struggle admitting failures and I don‘t like changing plans. I mean, that is why I made them in the first place, to stick to them and get them done, right? Nevertheless that is how sometimes things turn out. It is important what you make of it. 

Are you quitting or are you taking the opportunities that are lying ahead of you?

What is the single biggest struggle or failure that you are facing today and how could you see an opportunity in it?

If you want, text me and let me know. I am curious to find out what you are working on and thinking about. Could I be of any help?

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