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working home office based is one thing, being productive something else

officeless office

Learn for one week, Tuesday to Friday at 9:00 CET, for 90min how to transform the way you work


The MASTERCLASS officeless office is something for you when you:

  • work from home
  • or you work while traveling
  • you want to become more efficient
  • you are not (yet) a digital native
  • you want to see home office based working as a chance
  • you prefer interaction rather than a boring front up presentation


A mastermind group normally has no presentation and no teaching aspect and is a closed group, which is gradually building up its knowledge by itself. It normally requires to be present each time as the group is giving the most important input by itself. The knowledge transfer is many to many. 

A masterclass can be seen as independant sessions with a mixed group and a huge portion of knowledge transfer comes from one person to many. The teaching aspect is more present than in a mastermind.

I see the officeless office workshop as a masterclass, because it is clearly about teaching and learning. The setup is more of a mastermind though. We will be a fix group for one week and we will not only learn about new tools, we will use them in the group and do all of our communication with the tools that we are learning about.

While a mastermind group would continue for ever, as the group and therefor the questions and discussions evolve over time, we have a specific program for this week and once we are done, we are done.

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we‘ll talk about the following

Successful work starts with your mindset

  • mindset
  • structure & planning
  • time management
  • distraction

We‘ll have a look how to use the following most efficient

  • Email
  • Google
  • Calendar
  • Mobile phone

Tools & Apps to work successful from home

  • Evernote
  • Dropbox
  • different messenger
  • Video conference tool
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • paperless tools
  • security

for those who want to establish an officeless office for good we‘ll also talk about hardware

  • PC
  • Mobile Phone
  • Tablet
  • extras

what clients think about Florian & simplicity of happiness

officeless office masterclass

Nina B. MASTERCLASS officeless office 04/08/2020

In April I took part in the officeless office masterclass. It was a great interactive session in which Florian reported a lot about his experience with various tools. We immediately actively tested the tools and were able to directly gain practical experience, which then led to further questions that we clarified in the virtual meetings.

I recommend the Masterclass to anyone who wants to get rid of their paper in the office. Quite a few great options are discussed on how to organize yourself digitally and go mobil.

In addition, Florian also addresses the mental aspects that go with a paperless office. All in all a well-rounded affair!

Thanks a lot for this.

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