I am aiming to overdeliver on service provided to you. Therefore I keep changing my program according to the current situation. Instead of holding seminars, just because I have written the concept, I decided to go with the flow and keep it a flexible program and offer what is needed and asked for most.

On this page you will find an overview of seminars that are active as well as those that are not open for registration for different reasons. As the overall situation worldwide is challenging while I write this in March 2020 I suspended all physical meetings for the time being.

Instead, I created the following video conference based seminars, that I call MASTERCLASS, are meant to help you through this situation.

individual COACHING

You see the world in a certain way, all of a sudden something happens and everything changes. That is the power of an insight. This full day coaching experience is all about insights.
Sometimes all we can do is a tiny shift, but have you ever considered what happens if you add these tiny shifts for an entire year? Think about dropping water shaping a rock…


solopreneur mastermind
This MASTERMIND is meant for you when you are a solopreneur, freelancer or otherwise a one-man-show and looking for a group of peers to help you grow?

Sold out, application only.
changepreneur mastermind
Together we will be the change that we want to see in the world. Starting each week with this MASTERMIND to set the mind for change this week.

Sold out, application only.
mittelstand mastermind
Dedicated to young CEO‘s in the German Mittelstand, we are a group of likeminded executives, transforming a traditional German mid-size production company into a successful company of the 21st century.

This MASTERMIND will start in March 2021 and you can get on the waitlist now.
manhood mastermind
What does it mean to a man and a father in todays world?
After having dominated the entire world for ages and having laid the burden of most cruelties of the last centuries on our gender, how do we become a real man to look up to, without the downsides. In life, in business, in our family and for our children.

This mastermind will run for 6 months and start in spring.


misfit coaching
The MASTERCLASS misfit is a weekly one hour coaching call. Registration is free and each session will be about questions you can ask via chat or 1on1 if you ask for a personal coaching.
officeless office masterclass
Momentarily there is no MASTERCLASS officeless office scheduled. Get on the WAITLIST to be in the loop when the next one is offered.

ADVENTURE seminars