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logbook #20210616

I don’t believe it.
How come time is running so fast.

More than a whole year, that basically took for ever lies behind us and now I wonder where it went.

I have posted this update in one of my recent newsletters and I mentioned the topic before. Somehow this has been a crazy year. Most of my plans did not work out this year. I had to take a couple of improvised turns and probably it has been quite similar for you. At a certain point I stopped making plans for anything lying further in the future than 10-14 days. I thought that it might come different anyways.

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becoming a sailor

becoming a sailor by becoming a minimalist

I wanted to buy a boat for years. When I was a young boy, I remember to not be able to pass any harbor when we were on family vacation without the need to look at all the sailing boats. Somehow I was never interested in motorboats. I didn’t recognize it at that time, but maybe I was less interested in crossing an ocean than I was in lifestyle, beauty and freedom. That might be one reason why I did not put everything into becoming a sailor at that time.


logbook #20200708

Hurray, the travel restrictions have been lifted a bit. Worldwide and especially Africa travel for me is still a mess, BUT let‘s stay positive: the Schengen area re-opened its borders. For me, that meant going to Italy, Elba in special. It is only now, that I find the time to write about it. It turns out that writing is a bit difficult while driving or doing something else 😉

Well, I‘ll keep this short:


logbook #20200116

The new year has started as if winter was about to end, not start.

Days and weeks of sunshine and absolutely not enough snow in Switzerland was strange. Apart from the consequences for nature it were lovely first days of the new decade. Soon I left for Elba, Italy. Everything was fine, the ‚simplicity‘ is clean, dry and warm. It seems as if she managed well in the storms around Christmas. I worked on the outboard engine, the interior of the cabin and some parts of the varnish. In the constant rains at the end of the year, water soaked into the wood and stayed under the varnish and it wouldn’t dry. I fixed that and worked on a new cover to keep the boat and especially the cabin wood as dry and protected as possible.


using, not owning

In case you have been following my journey to move my boat into the water and start sailing you may be aware that it did not start as planned.

stuck on land

I thought that I would just buy an old boat, work on it, water it and off I sail. Unfortunately that concept of restoring and reusing old stuff does not aline with everybody. It definitely did not resonate with the owner of the marina, where the boat was on dock when I bought it.