the big cleanup

Thousands of facebook followers?

I say good bye to that as well. 
You may have seen, that I am changing the name of the facebook group from HappylifeCoach to Live The Life You Love!

This has to happen in several steps as facebook won‘t allow me to change all at once.
The rename is part of a huge simplifying process in my social media and online presence.
The page will be a pure public communication channel (@flohjoe). I don‘t need a huge number of followers on that page but followers that actually want to see the stuff I publish ;-).

As I found a lot of fake accounts following the page, I already started deleting more than a thousand followers. Especially those who never interacted on the page were deleted and might get deleted in the future.

So if you see my posts give it a like or a comment so you won‘t disappear. I ever delete you by accident please excuse, I didn‘t mean to. You matter!

In fact I created a group a while ago where I want to invite you:

The Simplicity Of Happiness group shall be one for interaction between us. Decluttering, Minimalism, Digital Nomad, Travel… Please free to join and discuss all these things for a life with less for more…

  • less quantity, more quality
  • less one way, more two way communication 
  • less distraction, more focus
  • less bullshit, more meaning
  • less hate, more love

Take care my friend…