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Know what you want and become successful living your dreams.

A motivation profile is the product of a personality analysis. It is one way to give an answer to the questions of a persons identity, his motives and what he wants out of life.

individuell profile instead of ‚one fits all’

An individual profile measures all basic desires and gives you the possibility of different combinations.

why you should use it

It is fast to determine, efficient and goal oriented. You will achieve fast success. It is reliable , precise and very clear with its message.

It assures highest quality and show you in which situation you life and work could become easier and better. You will change stress and frustration into motivation and performance.

core of the personality

The motivation analysis doesn’t cope with the shell of personality but goes right at the inner core. You can even use it to predict the layers above with the use of a motivation analysis.

When you use a motivation analysis tools you will find answers to the following questions:

personal development

  • Which goals are you thriving for?
  • What are your internal drivers?
  • What are activities that you truly love?
  • What is your purpose in life?

company management

  • What is the shared motivation of the management team?
  • Does your company value fit the motivation?
  • What could be a matching mission/vision for your company?
  • What would sustainable motivate your staff?


  • What is the common motivation in your team?
  • What are the opposing motivations in your team?
  • How can you change your communication with the team to better motivate them?

team management

  • What is your teams identity?
  • What are your teams goals
  • How does a strategy look like that would keep your team comitted?
  • How do you motivate your team to peak performance?

conflict management

  •  Are there any blind spots?
  • Where do the conflicts come from?
  • How to solve the problems for good?

hiring process

Do your candidates really fit your expectations?

„I want to help you use ‚the individual pursuit of happiness‘ as a driver to achieve personal and business leadership with ease.”

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