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Florian Hornig (flohjoe) – the Happylife.Coach

I am Florian Hornig, the Happylife.Coach & adventurer behind the ‚simplicity of happiness‘ project.
As unconventional as my path has already been, as unconventional do I want to be in the future.

I deeply believe, that the addition of decisions in context with my surrounding, makes me be the person I am.
It all about  the choices I made.
Recently I thought about the reasons why I became an adventurer & mentalist. Where does this passion come from? I asked myself what it was, that made me passionate as a kid?
Simple answer: I always loved adventure stories! 
But what is the connection between those stories and my job today?

What did I dream about when I was younger?

Adventurers, riding through the wilderness, sleeping outside in the woods are created the same fascination as Native tribal people who lived in a symbiosis whith their environment. Obviously I like the idea of moving by my own means, exploring my limits and the pure joy of always seeing as far as the horizon – besides the power of words.

When the adventurers in my imagination where sitting at the campfire in the evenings, they where telling stories, listened to each other and I was one of them.

These thoughts created images in my memory that I connect with freedom and self determination. When I think about them, my mind travels to far away places and goes on expeditions.

In many of these adventure stories, conflicts have to be solved. In one of Germany’s most popular wild west stories the two bloodbrothers have to overcome cultural distances in their friendship over and over again. Two live their friendship they have to find compromises and listen to each other. Their friendship creates tension and to solve them they have to include the opposite opinion to find the solution. Their actions bring together people that would have never talked to each other. This inspires me. Bring people together and inspire them for the better.

What I do now:

For very long I didn’t pay attention to my childhood memories and to be honest, I thought they were embarrasing because they would not fit into my today business life at all. When starting my coaching business in 2009 I became aware, that I already included many of the stories’ motives into my daily life and work.

I travel a lot, meet the most different people, am independent, listen to peoples stories and try to find solutions with them.

I try to understand conflicts and want to help people find their own way to master them. If I managed to help somebody on his personal road to happiness, I feel good.

I learned that people only face problems that they are actually capable of solving themselves. You are bigger than your problems!

To discover this truth I had to face many problems myself. For very long I couldn’t imagine that other people experience and view the world other than me. I had to go through personal failures to discover that. Nowadays I know that I won’t solve anyones problems but I try to be a helping hand to find the solution.

My professional journey began when I was 21. I founded a coffee bar (break-fast) in Cologne, became a financial consultant (tecis AG) later, moved to Berlin, was a headhunter in the finance industry (LucasGroup), founded an online recruiting company (viasto GmbH) and later became the happylife.coach. As a career coach I wsupported the ESCP Europe Alumni.

I was born and grew up near Cologne, lived in the US for one year, worked in an East German National park, lived in Cologne 4 years and in Berlin 9 years. Now I am traveling most of the time and have a home base in Switzerland and wherever the road takes me.

Since 2009 I am coaching people on personal as well as business issues. To be successful on your pursuit of happiness means to be better at what you do while retaining and increasing your energy level.

This focus on personal strengths means specially for companies and teams to reach your goals faster and loose less energy on problems and frustration. I want to help on that.

adventurer, happylife.coach & the simplicity of happiness

Florian created the idea for “more happiness through focus on less”  during his time as an international headhunter in the finance industry which has improved ever since. During Florians headhunter years his clients were international companies. To meet their demands he chased and placed managers. Florians focus shifted over time from the companies point of view to the individuals. For him the individuals personal motivations to change jobs became more important than the companies profits when hiring the cheapest individual available.

  • What made people move?
  • Was it only the money?
  • Was it the challenge?
  • Did they want to run away?
  • Were they looking for the special?
  • What motivated them to continuously leave friends and family behind to chase the best job available?

And why do other turn down a really good offer, for example to stay in a certain city? Especially the years of 2007 and 2008 were the golden years in headhunting in investment banking. It seemed to exist only one direction: higher, faster, further and more expensive. The short term profit seemed to be all that mattered and everything else had to stay behind. Although many of Florians candidates were incredibly successful, they were often not really happy. This showed especially when in September 2008 the investment bank Lehman Brother went broke over night. As a result many – perceived? – values vanished into nowhere. With the credit crunch the crisis became a problem to the entire world. All of a sudden, it became obvious, that the finance industry was not sustainable. Many people got the feeling to have worked for 10 to 15 years for nothing lasting. They haven’t created values in peoples life.

Florian started to question what the different personal motivation could be:

  • what motivates people in a positive manner?
  • what creates a lasting exhilaration?
  • what lets people find themselves?
  • how do goals look like that are sustainable for yourself and your surrounding?

These more general questions were accompanied by the growing frustration that as a headhunter mostly you can’t make a lasting difference with the placements. Florians job was done when company and candidate met and the tricky part of working together began. So he was not enabled to work on any longterm visions, strategies or solutions that lead to lasting changes. 2009 Florian started Glücklichtrainer, later renamed to Happylife.Coach, being an independent consultancy focusing on individual pursuit of happiness as the main driver for success. Positiv motivation is stronger and more inspiring than an avoiding and escaping motivation. Hence the individual differences are huge which makes it so important to grant this issue the necessary space – may it be in private or business context. The one who knows for which goals he is reaching reaches more. And we want to make a difference in peoples life.

Live the life you love!


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