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I am Florian Hornig, Happylife.Coach & founder of ‚Simplicity Of Happiness‘.

I am empowering leaders!

stand for something

As unconventional as my path has already been, as extraordinary I want my future to be. Everything that happens in my life today is a result of the choices I made yesterday.

Better choices lead to better results.
Better choices come from asking better questions.

I see coaching as a way to lead my clients to better choices.
I will ask the questions no one asked you before and leave it to you to find the answers. Once you do, it will give you more depth and you‘ll have a unique point of view. Stand for something!

less is more

I had the idea that less distraction will lead to more happiness during my time as an international headhunter in the finance industry. I learned that too many people were distracted from success and happiness by the endless possibilities that surround us.

Reduce the endless stream of opportunities through focus on what really matters. Values, vision, passion, meaning and yes… happiness might be a result.

The idea for „Simplicity of Happiness“ was born, although I implemented the company some years later.

external motivation

During my headhunter years my clients were international companies. To meet their demands I chased and placed managers. Over time my focus shifted from the companies point of view to the individual. The personal motivation to change jobs became more important than the companies interest to hire the cheapest individual available. I asked myself:

  • What makes people move?
  • Is it the money?
  • Is it the challenge?
  • Do they run away from their existing job?
  • Are they looking for anything special?
  • What motivates them to continuously leave friends and family behind to chase the next, better job?

higher, faster, further

And why do other turn down a really good offer, for example to stay in a certain city? Especially the years of 2007 and 2008 were the golden years in headhunting in investment banking. It seemed to exist only one direction: higher, faster, further and more expensive. The short term profit seemed to be all that mattered and everything else had to stay behind. Although many of my candidates were incredibly successful, they were often not happy. This showed especially when in September 2008 the investment bank Lehman Brother went broke over night. As a result many – perceived? – values vanished into nowhere. With the credit crunch the crisis became a problem to the entire world. All of a sudden, it became obvious, that the finance industry approach was not sustainable. Many people got the feeling that they have worked for 10 to 15 years for nothing sustainable. They did not create value in other peoples life.

internal motivation

I started to question what the different personal motivation could be:

  • what motivates people in a positive manner?
  • what creates a lasting exhilaration?
  • what lets people find themselves?
  • what do sustainable goals look like?

lasting difference

These more general questions were accompanied by the growing frustration that as a headhunter you often don’t make a lasting difference. My job was done when company and candidate met. I was not enabled to work on any longterm visions, strategies or solutions that lead to lasting changes. 2009 I started my coaching business as an independent consultant focusing on individual pursuit of happiness as the main driver for success. 2018 I rebranded my business to Simplicity Of Happiness.

what I do now

I travel a lot, love sports, meet a wide area of unusual people, am independent, listen to peoples stories and see opportunities everywhere.

I try to understand conflicts and want to help people find their own way to master them. When I help somebody on his personal road to happiness, I feel content.

I learned that people only face problems that they are actually capable of solving themselves.

you are bigger than your problems!

To discover this truth I had to face many problems myself. For very long I couldn’t imagine that other people experience and view the world other than me. I had to go through personal failures to discover that. Nowadays I know that I won’t solve anyones problems but I can help them to find their solution. If I can do it, you can it!


My professional journey began when I was 21. I founded a coffee bar (called „break-fast“) in Cologne, became a financial consultant (tecis AG) later, moved to Berlin, worked as a headhunter in the finance industry (LucasGroup), founded an online recruiting company (viasto GmbH) and started my coaching business in 2009. I worked also as the career coach for the Alumni of the business school ESCP Europe.

I was born and grew up near Cologne, lived in the US for one year, worked in a German National Park, lived 4 years in Cologne and 9  Berlin. Now I am traveling most of the time, currently on a sailing yacht in der Mediterranean See. I have lived and worked in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy and Tanzania.

Since 2009 I am coaching people on personal and business issues.

Since 2015 I am also running an African Safari Company (django.tours) to help me stay grounded in the „real world“.

Live the life you love!


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