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I am Florian Hornig, Happylife.Coach & founder of ‚Simplicity Of Happiness‘.

I’m here to help you ignite your potential, empowering you to thrive and step forward as the person you truly are!

stand for something

My unconventional past shapes my vision for an extraordinary future, driven by the belief that today’s life is molded by yesterday’s choices. Better results stem from better choices, which arise from asking insightful questions.

In my coaching, I aim to guide you toward better choices by posing questions previously unasked, helping you uncover your own answers. This process not only deepens your understanding but also helps you develop a distinct perspective. Stand for something significant!

less is more

My experience as an international headhunter in the finance sector led me to believe that simplicity could enhance happiness. The constant distractions from the multitude of available opportunities seemed to detract from genuine success and fulfillment.

This insight sparked the idea to focus on what truly matters: values, vision, passion, and meaning, with happiness as a potential outcome. Thus, the concept of “Simplicity of Happiness” emerged, which I later brought to life as a company.

external motivation

During my years as a headhunter working with international companies, my focus evolved from simply meeting client demands to deeply understanding the individual motivations for career changes. Initially, my role involved recruiting managers at the behest of companies, often prioritizing cost over fit. Over time, however, I shifted to prioritize the personal reasons that drive individuals to change jobs, questioning what truly motivates people to make such significant life changes.

  • What makes people move?
  • Is financial gain the primary motivator?
  • Does the thrill of a new challenge inspire them?
  • Are they escaping dissatisfaction with their current role?
  • Are they in search of something specific or unique?
  • What drives them to repeatedly leave behind their social and familial ties in pursuit of better opportunities?Is it the money?

higher, faster, further

Especially during the peak years of 2007 and 2008 in investment banking headhunting, the industry focused predominantly on short-term gains—higher salaries, faster promotions, further reaches, and more expensive lifestyles. Yet, the collapse of Lehman Brothers in September 2008 highlighted the unsustainability of these values. The ensuing credit crunch showed the global ramifications, leading many to realize they had spent up to 15 years working towards goals that lacked lasting impact and failed to create real value in others’ lives. This revelation prompted a reevaluation of what truly constitutes success and fulfillment.

internal motivation

Questioning what internal motivation is and how it can move you to where you secretly want to be I kept asking the following questions:

  • What positively motivates you?
  • What ignites a lasting sense of exhilaration?
  • How do you discover your true selves?
  • What are your sustainable goals?

lasting difference

My increasing frustration as a headhunter stemmed from the fleeting impact of matching companies with candidates, without engaging in long-term visions or strategies for lasting change. In 2009, I shifted to coaching as an independent consultant, focusing on the individual pursuit of happiness as the key driver of success. By 2018, I had rebranded my business to ‘Simplicity Of Happiness’ to better reflect this philosophy.

what I do now

I’m constantly on the move, engaging in sports, and meeting unique individuals from diverse backgrounds. My independence allows me to listen to people’s stories and spot opportunities everywhere. I aim to understand conflicts and assist others in navigating their own solutions, finding fulfillment in guiding people on their personal journeys to happiness. Through my experiences, I’ve come to believe that people only encounter problems they are inherently capable of resolving.

you are bigger than your problems!

Through facing numerous personal challenges, I realized that everyone experiences the world differently. This understanding emerged from my own failures, teaching me that while I cannot solve problems for others, I can guide you to find your own solutions. If I can do it, so can you!”


My career began at 21 when I founded a coffee bar called “break-fast” in Cologne. I transitioned into financial consulting with tecis AG, then moved to Berlin to work as a headhunter in finance with LucasGroup. I later founded viasto GmbH, an online recruiting company, and started coaching, also serving as a career coach for ESCP Europe alumni.

My international experiences span the US, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, and Tanzania, including running businesses in Zanzibar and at Kilimanjaro from 2015 to 2024, which kept me connected to the ‘real world.’ 

Since 2009, I’ve been coaching on personal and business issues, now traveling extensively, mostly aboard my sailing yacht in the Mediterranean.

Live the life you love!


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