the simplicity of mastermind

We call it simplicity, because we get rid of all the bullshit. We go straight to your problem that would make the biggest difference, could you solve it. We stay focused!

how we do that?

  • no bullshit bingo
  • no presentation
  • no lecturing
  • no ego
  • ONLY problem solving that works

what is the difference?

There are mainly two major difference between a mastermind and a standard training. The HOW and the WHAT.

  • HOW – presentation vs. question answering
  • WHAT – book knowledge vs. experience extraction

In comparison to regular trainings, you define the schedule. Whereas in presentations the topic is picked and prepared beforehand you are responding to the very specific needs in masterminds. If you prepare the topic before you already decide what you are going to talk about in the training or the presentation. Often these topics focus on what the presenter wants to tell, rather than what the participant wants to hear.

While you can prepare a topic based on studies and book knowledge, an instantatious answer to a new topic is mainly based on your own experience. Therefor the solutions offered in a mastermind are so helpful, they have been implemented before and the person coming up with it, can already tell you how to implement them.

mastermind group or class?

Mastermind groups (MMG) and mastermind classes (MMC) are both learning opportunities.
Both are developed and held in a way that puts the attendee in the center.
The main focus of the two is the interaction part with the attendees.

knowledge improvement

MMG’s help you to become better in what you are already good in.

new knowledge

MMC‘s will provide the knowledge to become good at something new.

mastermind group – MMG

This is the gold standard of learning and it offers the best of the state of the art.

One simple reason for that is that the teacher will be you!

That is right, we will put you together with your peers to give you the opportunity to learn from people in the same field. These are the people who have or had the same struggles as you and as Napoleon Hill said: „You put two minds together and the result will be a third mind, a mastermind.“

This will give you outside view on your problem and help to find the solution you need.

Mastermind groups are inner circles of like minded people, that help to solve their most urgent struggles.

All groups include the following:

  • direct access to premium group
  • 2 Conferences per year
  • Hotel, Conference & Catering included
  • professional moderation of the Conference to guarantee solution orientation
  • 1 preparation coaching/call to specify your topic prior to each Conference
  • 1 debriefing coaching/call succeeding the Conference to specify & implement your take aways
  • INVITE ONLY, you have to be recommended to join
– exklusive Mastermind für Geschäftsführer im Mittelstand
– begrenzte Teilnehmerzahl
– Fokus auf nachhaltiger Führung
– 2 Präsenztreffen pro Jahr
– zwei Coaching sessions pro Halbjahr
– exclusive women mastermind in english
– limited in number
– female leaders
– female future leaders
– female entrepreneurs
– leadership development for women
– new female business style

mastermind class – MMC

MMC‘s work similar to Webinars. That means that we have a bit of presentation part here. That is needed as typically the presented topic is new to you.
Important is that it will always be an expert who will present the best of his own experience to you. This will be no textbook teachings but extracted personal knowledge.
What others might have taken years to figure out will be condensed into a less than 30min presentation, followed by an intensive Q&A session.
Other than the webinars being often one way we will limit the number of attendees and always offer a 2 way communication.

These classes are about you and what you want to learn not about the presenter and what he has to say.

The classes will be held online through a ZOOM meeting and are designed to be one time events although multiple sign ups are possible.

– for future nomads
– 90 min mastermind class
– 30 min expert extraction
– 60 min interaction
– how to work officeless
– focus on the tools and mindset
– 90 min mastermind class
– for aspiring minimalists
– 30 min expert extraction
– 60 min interaction
– how to declutter
– how to focus on the necessary

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