for change leaders with an entrepreneurial spirit!

Start each week with a ‚one hour wakeup call‘ – a mastermind to set the tone for the week.

Together we will be the change we want to see in the world.

If you are normally the most interesting person in the room, you are in the wrong room. Meet others like you at the changepreneur MASTERMIND.

the changepreneur MASTERMIND is something for you when you:

  • are thriving for change
  • are tired of being the most interesting person in the room
  • have more ideas than you can turn into reality
  • normally don‘t know who to consult with questions
  • lack the right partners to change the world
  • like to be challenged
  • become even better when around like-minded people’s

the goal of this mastermind?

We will find solutions!

Florians goal for this mastermind is to bring together an interesting group of people who like to think out of the box and shape the world we live in.

Each one of us has new tasks, obstacles to overcome or a challenge here and there.

The intention is that we help one another. See each situation from a different angle and come up with solutions we did not see before.

We go straight to your problem that would make the biggest difference, could you solve it. We stay focused!

Apply now, as you read this the mastermind is free of charge and we have open seats.

Both will change!

how we work

our masterminds meet the simplicity of happiness standards, because we take out the complexity and focus on solutions

In comparison to regular trainings, you define the schedule. Whereas in presentations the topic is picked and prepared beforehand you are responding to the very specific needs in masterminds. If you prepare the topic before you already decide what you are going to talk about in the training or the presentation. Often these topics focus on what the presenter wants to tell, rather than what the participant wants to hear.

While you can prepare a topic based on studies and book knowledge, an instantatious answer to a new topic is mainly based on your own experience. Therefor the solutions offered in a mastermind are so helpful, they have been implemented before and the person coming up with it, can already tell you how to implement them.

focus on you

This is the gold standard of learning and it offers the best of the state of the art. One simple reason for that is that the teacher will be you!

That is right, we will put you together with your peers to give you the opportunity to learn from people in the same field. These are the people who have or had the same struggles as you and as Napoleon Hill said: „You put two minds together and the result will be a third mind, a mastermind.“

This will give you outside view on your problem and help to find the solution you need. Mastermind groups are inner circles of like minded people, that help to solve their most urgent struggles.

The „simplicity of happiness“ masterminds will add individual coaching to the mix, to ensure you will get the best out of your mastermind.

what clients say about this mastermind:

Benjamin Faist

simply brilliant

Benjamin Faist CEO Mastermind 16/12/2020

The MASTERMIND changepreneur is simply brilliant. Florian and the group motivate you to do things that you previously did not trust yourself to be able to do.

You become a bit better each time!

Keep it up!

about Florian & Simplicity of Happiness

  • 6 years as a headhunter in international executive search
  • 7 years Career Consultant of the worlds oldest business school
  • 10 years plus as life coach
  • Entrepreneur & Adventurer
  • officeless since 2015
  • 4 year management experience across 2 continents
  • works from the Swiss mountains, Zanzibar beach or from a classic sailing yacht in the med

  • evolved from the coaching activities Glücklichtrainer and Happylife.Coach
  • since 2014 blog and learning platform for ‘life coaching‘
  • eventually became Florians platform for information, training & coaching
  • simplicity is about having MORE of what we thrive for and LESS that distract us of the prior