live the life you love!

Hi, I am Floh and if you want, I can empower you to live up to your dreams.

is this you?

You are ambitious, passionate & driven to make a difference
You try to meet expectations but often you don‘t fit in
You want to grow as a person, but you lack a sparring partner
Your dreams are bigger & brighter than your reality
Where you are is not where you belong, but you can‘t get out
Something is missing, but you can‘t put your hand on it

You know: something has to happen, it has to be you and it has to be now!

you are at the right place

Let me tell you. You are more powerful than you think. Although the biggest challenge you may face, is that: no matter how busy and how successful you are, you always feel as if something is missing to live the life you love. Don’t worry, I get you.

what brought you here, won’t get you there

A truth is, that no matter how successful you are right now, doing more of what brought you here, won’t lead you to your next level of success.  In fact, the very qualities that have led to your current situation are probably what hold you back from even higher levels. I found out that, once you change the game you play, your strengths can become your weaknesses and your weaknesses can become your strength.

I help extraordinary people like you to get in touch with your deeper mission and play a more meaningful game than you ever played.

dream bigger than ever before

I am a dreamer and I have done that for most of my life. I see opportunities where others don‘t. Challenges keep me on my toes and I am up for something new, before I have mastered the task.

That keeps me curious and on the watch for something new.

That is why I see the extraordinary in you. I will not be satisfied with the status quo and will keep to challenge you until you reach your next level, whatever that will be.

I see the Queen and King within. I will join you on your journey to discover the unknown.

Do I know it better than you? Of course not. More of the opposite, I’ll stay curious long enough for you to find out.

You will be the one who needs to go the extra mile to uncover your full potential. I am the one who leads you there.

I want you to dream bigger than ever before, but also just to start with the tiniest step possible.

the difference that makes the difference

Often it is not the obvious that sets us apart or that makes the difference. More often than not it is a tiny twist that changes something for the better or the worse.

The genetics of humans and monkeys are 99.9% alike. The tiny twist that make us human is around 0.1%.

Creating an extraordinary life, will start with these tiny distinctions in you head.

  • Do you know, who you want to be?
  • Are you connected to your true self?
  • Do you know your mission on earth?
  • Do you live your life congruently?

tiny steps

If the tiniest shift will change everything, it is also the tiny step that will get you there. Summiting Kilimanjaro starts with a tiny step of taking the decision and ends with a very tiny and breathless step to reach Uhuru peak, the highest point in Africa. A lot of tiny steps to reach a big dream.

Coaching is so impactful because it can find and trigger that tiny shift that will eventually turn your world upside down. This is not for everybody, but if it is for you, you will know.

Would you like me to lead you on your journey and unleash the powers, you don’t know you already have?

I have made that shift myself. I lived a huge part of my life seeking goals, I thought were expected of me. I had every material thing I needed and was still craving for more. I was seeking opportunities and went into every adventure I could find… and then I went on. 

Be it a year living in the U.S., my first company at 21, years as an international headhunter for a U.S. based company, years of career consultancy for a French Grand Ecole – the worlds oldest business school, founding a tech company, going on a multi-week solo Sahara journey by feet, traveling a year in a 1971 mobile home, building and running a Lodge in Zanzibar, rebuilding of a mountain hut in Switzerland, restoring and living on a historic wooden boat in France, or building a safari company at Kilimanjaro right. Yes, I have been places and yet the major shift came when I lost everything external and I found truth inside. My marriage failed spectacularly and everything I built up in the past became meaningless and only the experiences remain.

what clients say

on the inside it feels different

To others I look very energetic, an opportunity seeker, a high-achieve and unstoppable.

Let me tell you another aspect of that same story. On the inside it feels different:

  • like a lonely and frustrating place to be
  • like an imposter
  • like a misfit
  • like a personal frustration of never having enough
  • like always searching, never finding
  • incomplete
  • like I am craving for more

Sometimes none of the above occurs, sometimes all at once. Most times it is a mix of a few.

After I started to focus on my inner truth, I discovered that these are the prices I pay for the upside and that every medal has a back side. Furthermore I realized that my weakness can be my strength., especially in coaching. I always focus on the opportunity I see. I have no fixed mindset. As I have worked in many different jobs and seen many different places, I remain open and curious when I meet with a client. I see opportunities, they don’t see themselves. I see the hidden possibilities and I always stay curious and a dreamer. I am searching for the biggest dream you never had and will lead you there, if you want.

I am 100% committed, as long as I am in. I will ask you for the same. Be 100% committed as long as you are in and then: move on. I call that the ‚200% Responsibility Policy‘.

Once you dreamed bigger than you ever did before, we work on the next step to get you there… until you are there… and then we focus on the next.

Let us dream bigger than ever before and take your first step now.

limited free coaching sessions

Here’s what I need you to do:

  • If this is not for you, forward this to somebody who needs it.
  • If it’s for you, fill out the contact form and check the FREE SESSION box.
  • Next, we’ll book a call.
  • You decide if it’s in English or German.
  • For our call, I require you to show up 100%. Hide nothing. Hold nothing back. Take action, even when you’re afraid. Be vulnerable. Lean into your edge. Take risks. Mess up, screw up, FAIL!

I will walk you through it an look forward to talk to you, Floh

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