leadership mastermind

a mastermind for female leaders

More often than not, leadership means to deal with situations that you have not faced before. I don‘t know anybody who was promoted to a leadership position because they already were experienced executives before. In most cases somebody saw the potential in them to deal with the challenges lying ahead. Not knowing how to face to problems ahead is part of the game called leadership.

Leaders who manage to face only problems they had before are simply not playing a big enough game. Leaders that keep growing and evolving will always tackle problems they don‘t know how to solve them yet. They are hiring people who are more skilled than them. They deal with team members who create problems they never thought about themselves and that will eventually end up on their plate. They are dealing with external factors that were not present just a while ago.

Apart from the work environment rapidly changing, so are the expectations executives face. The western world has shifted from a patriachial work environment and is in large parts still struggling to find, choose, motivate, educate and mentor future leaders.

On top of that, being not male, leaves you with a lack of role models and the few there are, had to proof themself in a male dominated world by becoming the better men themselves.

This leaves a lot of promising female leaders unsupported, expecting them to figure out by themselves how to become a calm consistent leader.

find orientation

What helped over decades and centuries was to seek help and find orientation with those who have been in your shoes before. Talk to the elders and find a mentor to model.

Leadership has been around for as long as there have been humans, probably even longer. Even when you face a challenge for the first time, others may have come across it before. Leadership is a way of guiding others through their own challenges and help them to find their own solutions by offering possibilities.

More than anything else leadership is communication through interaction with others. That may be verbal or nonverbal. Both can offer guidance and provide clarity. The most natural way of finding this guidance is through your executives who can be the mentor to you that you can be to others. Another option is to find this mentor in your personal network. Your company can also offer you trainings or you can hire a coach for your personal development.

who do you model?

The challenge is that classic mentorship by the elders only works well, when you have role models after all and when the circumstances haven‘t drastically changed since they were in your position.

Back in the days leaders could pass on their knowledge at the end of their „work-life“ to the next generation because they still faced the same problems. A senior leader could teach you about their first leadership position. There was no globalization, there was no big data, there was no „Generation Y“ and the work situation was strictly hierarchically organized. 50 years ago and in some industries until today, female leaders are underrepresented or not existent. So who do you want to model, when you are a promising female leader?

When you are offered a training, these are often a one time events and have the tendency to be top down, with somebody telling what you „have to do“ without taking your individual position into account.

A personal coach on the other hand often requires a substantial financial commitment from you that you might not be willing to take for your job.

bottom up & bespoke

I personally made the best experiences with groups of like minded people so called mastermind groups. The struggles are similar and the possibility is great to learn from the challenges others have faced. At the same time there will often be somebody to model or to take as a mentor for a specific topic that they have faced and managed successfully before.

These mastermind groups offer the possibility to be custom tailored and bottom up as the content is chosen by the participants. The major knowledge of such groups lie in the group itself. At the same time mastermind groups are very cost conscious as multiple members are addressed simultaneously.

I can neither promise you what the topics will be, nor how each session will be structured. The advantage of working with a self motivated group like this is that I can trust the group as a system and let you decide where we are heading. This is not about me, but about you.

The default setting is that I am the facilitator, asking the questions, helping you to go deeper, making sure that we focus on solutions and that every participant will be included. If needed I can also be a potential sparring partner or trainer for certain communication skills when needed. Sometimes I do that in the group sessions, sometimes extra 1on1 sessions.

mastermind details:

  • community of likeminded female leaders
  • group size of 5-8
  • 1 live video event per month
  • special private communication app
  • 24/7 access to leadership community
  • VIP coaching access
  • 1 on 1 coaching when needed
  • confidentiality guaranteed
  • invitation only
  • right of member proposal
  • veto right for all future members

the steady drop, cuts through stone

Instead of promising you to improve 10x with each sessions I will aim for a sustainable and continuous change that will transform the way you lead over time.

My goal is to help you to improve your leadership skill a bit every month. Imagine we aim for 5% improvement each time, it will lead to a 80% improvement over 1 year and 6 fold over 3. I am in for the long run, are you?

I know, this is not for everyone, but if it is for you, let us talk:

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