leadership excellence for female leaders

leadership is rooted in humanity

Leadership existed long before there were companies.

It is part of the human experience to gather in communities. We are neither the fastest, nor the strongest animal on this planet, but our ability to form and organize communities can make us unstoppable.

Every community, be it a tribe, country, family or business expects some kind of leadership skills and we can look back at a long history of extraordinary leaders.

  • What do great leaders have in common?
  • What sets apart good and bad leadership?
  • What is the difference between leading and managing?
  • How do you balance pressure and motivation?

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec 21st 2022, 6pm CET
WHERE: live ZOOM conference
DURATION: 90 min
HOW: online – interactive – camera & microphone on
PRICE: for free (registration only)

MASTERCLASS leadership excellence for female leaders

the leader you deserve to be

Who is the leader that you want to be? When you are a great leader you act from a perspective of inner peace. With inner peace you stand out and are respected for the person that you are. You are taken seriously without the need to act loud or dominant, because people can see that you don’t feel insecure in challenging moments.

You can trust yourself that you will lead your team, department or company in exactly the way you want and your leadership style will be appreciated by your team. Because of that you can count on each other. With this superpower you will achieve your goals, financially and otherwise, within the company and for yourself. By knowing that you can trust yourself and your team, you will have the flexibility to manage your time on your own terms.

That is the benefit of great leadership.

leadership is communication

Leadership needs trust. Trust is a feeling. Feelings are irrational. In fact rationality and feelings are controlled in two entirely different regions of our brains. 

Language is also controlled by the rational part of our brain. Therefor it is often difficult to describe what makes a good leader, why we trust someone.

When we learn how to put feelings into words, we can use language and communication to express feelings. We can create the feelings of trust by using the right words.

Therefore I build my entire leadership trainings around communication.

the masterclass

I am inviting you to a 90min “masterclass leadership excellence” training free of charge. The masterclass is inspired by my monthly mastermind groups that are also dedicated to leadership and serve an exclusive community and are on recommendation only.

Similar to the mastermind groups we will split our 90min masterclass into 3 sections:

  • Introduction and presentation of a communication tool
  • Group work to implement the communication
  • Feedback and wind down

register now – it’s free

WHEN: Wednesday, Dec 21st 2022, 6pm CET
WHERE: live ZOOM conference
DURATION: 90 min
HOW: online – interactive – camera & microphone on
PRICE: for free (registration only)

MASTERCLASS leadership excellence for female leaders

Click on the time to reserve your spot.

bottom up & bespoke

Just like my mastermind groups, this masterclass offers the possibility to be custom tailored and bottom up as the content is chosen by the participants. I will set the tone by the communication topics I chose but how the class will unroll is very dependent on you. 

By doing so it becomes an example of leadership itself. Have a vision or outcome in mind but let the team decide which way to go, monitor and motivate them from the sidelines.

I can neither promise you what the topics will exactly be, nor how each session will be structured. The advantage of working with a self motivated group like this is that I can trust the group as a system and let you decide where we are heading. This is not about me, but about you.

The default setting is that I am the facilitator, setting the tone, asking the questions, helping you to go deeper, making sure that we focus on solutions and that every participant will be included. If needed I can also be a potential sparring partner or trainer for certain communication skills when needed. Sometimes I do that in the group sessions, sometimes extra 1on1 sessions.

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