happy#203 – what scares you most

simplicity of happiness · happy#203 – what scares you most

What scares you most may be, what you secretly desire.I am convinced that every one knows the feeling of fear.

  • fear of being hurt
  • fear of failure
  • fear of not being liked
  • fear of being left alone
  • fear of being unimportant
  • fear of being forgotten

There are a ton of different reasons to be scared. Only very few deal with physical harm though. While it makes sense to fear pain and stay alert, a lot of other fears mean being scared of the unknown and want to keep us in a safe place.
Inside your comfort zone is where you feel the safest, you know the rules, you know how to behave and how to deal with situations that may occur.
As soon as you leave your comfort zone, your body and mind will tell you be cautions of getting hurt.
While most things that could possibly be done or happen to you don‘t scare you because they are either not obvious or very unlikely, it is interesting to give those a closer look, that do scare you.
Maybe because you secretly desire them.

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happy#202 – reduce your mental clutter

simplicity of happiness · happy#201 – symptom or cause?

It has been a while that I moved from Berlin and it has even been a few years more that I started my journey to minimalism and reduce my clutter.
There was a time when I could not let go of excess stuff. While my income was increasing I purchased new stuff every once in a while but I did not let go of the old.
I used to have closets full of clothes, most of them I never wore.
After I found out that less could actually mean more, I reduced and got rid of most things I didn‘t use.
But still…when we started our 8 month journey with our old school camper-van Emma a lot of stuff didn‘t fit and stayed in Berlin. Some in friends basements, some stayed in the apartment with the friends who live there now.
A lot of the stuff were books and it is a serious discussion, wheather it is really worth keeping books that you are not reading. After all, could you look up the information elsewhere once you need it.
What has been a huge relief to me though was clearing out these friends place. Decluttering is not only important for physical stuff but also mentally.
By getting these things done, I reduced mental clutter because I don’t need to worry about when and how we’ll take care of it. Freeing up your unconscious mind creates potential to deal with… e.g. creativity.
What is it that you could reduce to free up your mind?
Take care my friend, Floh

Do you want to find ou more about ways to declutter: Maybe you want to consider a coaching call.


what scares you?

lake brienz

I am scared to be scared.I hate this feeling of uncertainty and fear.It is not my comfort zone and things don‘t happen with ease. When I am in my comfort zone and things go well for me I feel good and happy and maybe proud of what I am doing. All of that can disappear in an instant when I am scared of something.

For a reason I did not understand for a long time I am always craving the next adventure. Putting me in scary situations over and over again:


happy#201 – symptom or cause?

simplicity of happiness · happy#201 – symptom or cause?

Don’t we often mistake the symptoms for the cause?
Somehow this seems to be a a very humanly behavior because we don’t only do it for ourselves.
I have recently been on a road trip through Germany and I was shocked to see how many forests all over the country where dying.

A result of the heat I thought and a research showed that they actually die because of some bugs. 
But the bugs have been there as long as the trees. So this does not have only one cause. Multiple factors of stress add up until they reach a level where the trees can’t cope with it anymore. 
Isn’t that the same in your life? 
Where do you confuse symptom and cause and what can you do to work on the cause so the symptoms disappear?

All the best, Floh


happy#200 – tiny steps add up

simplicity of happiness · happy#200 – tiny steps add up

In preparation for this episode I wanted to look for something special at first. 
Then I realized, that it doesn‘t matter if it was episode 200, 300, 1000 or any random number in between. It is always the most important episode that I am recording at the moment. Life is a progress and always now.
Therefor it also doesn‘t make sense to feel grief about the past or anxiety about the future.

I found out how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have achieved in the past, especially when you are a high achiever.

What I am asking you to do is step back and see your full life in front of you. Acknowledge what you have done, see who you want to have been and draw the right conclusions from the two to act now.

What is the tiniest step towards your biggest dream that you can do today?

All the best, Floh


logbook #20200708

elba simplicity

Hurray, the travel restrictions have been lifted a bit. Worldwide and especially Africa travel for me is still a mess, BUT let‘s stay positive: the Schengen area re-opened its borders. For me, that meant going to Italy, Elba in special. It is only now, that I find the time to write about it. It turns out that writing is a bit difficult while driving or doing something else 😉

Well, I‘ll keep this short:


happy#199 – the chained elephant

simplicity of happiness · happy#199 – the chained elephant

During a coaching I was reminded of a metaphor I once heard and am going to tell you in this episode.
What does this metaphor mean for your life?
What can you do about it?

All the best, Floh


happy#198 – things take time

simplicity of happiness · happy#198 – things take time

I kept myself busy while being locked down and build myself a little farm in the mountains. As so often I get inspired when doing something else. I had a lot of hatching eggs lately and they have been teaching me patience. Some of them hatched way earlier than expected and other took for ever and although there is basically a living bird inside the egg there is nothing you can do to release it. If you do it will most likely die.
Things take time and sometimes all you can do is wait for it, may it be an idea, a progress or a living being.
And then be there when it is time.

All the best, Floh


logbook #20200614

When I started this logbook segment, I thought I will let you know about my ongoing adventures and travels.

I planned to work on my boat early this year and be out and sailing quite a bit. Finally around Corsica. I thought with a good reefing system and my new autopilot I’ll be good for some exiting solo sails.


happy#197 – bang for the buck

simplicity of happiness · happy#happy#197 – bang for the buck

With a lot of quiet time there is space to think. About life and what it means to us, to me.
What will happen when we don‘t put the money on the table and expect the most for it. Most people on earth being locked away gives plenty of room for other things. Such as nature, or reflexion.
So I ask myself, what if we take this time to not ask for the biggest bang for the buck, but ask ourself, what we can put on the table. What can we add to the equation to bring back the world into balance.
What is it that you want to do?

All the best, Floh