feeding the wild Hyena in Harar, Ethiopia (and most of all shitting my pants)

I like to see myself as a fearless adventurous guy. One, who leaves the known behind in search for the life I love.
I dream about all these different places I will visit and things I will do, but…

…sometimes I become fearful when I have a closer look at my plans. I back up because I fear it might go wrong once I am starting.

…and sometimes I become fearful once I get there. I am overwhelmed by the new situation and don’t know how to handle it. I back up to a known surrounding where I don’t feel as helpless.

happens to me all the time

Somehow this happens to me in all different situations. May the fear be about putting together a new adventure seminar, visiting a new interesting place, changing the place where I mainly live or sometimes just about publishing a new article, podcast or video.

I think it is important to write about these fears because it is so much easier to talk and write about all the positive and shiny things in life. We live in a world, where everybody else’s life, according to their social media output seems to be so nice, just not our own.
BUT: that is not life, it is just one aspect of it. Life is always up and down. The downs are necessary because they offer us learning possibilities and prepare us for the next up. It’s how we manage the downs and which conclusion we draw from them that will change our destiny.
Maybe you have some fears as well and it may be just normal that they pop up.

fear is just a feeling

Fear is a feeling that wants to tell you something. Maybe the fear wants to alert you because of something dangerous, maybe it just confuses the unknown with something dangerous. In the end it will remain your own choice whether you take that fear serious and whether you will let that fear dictate your life.
I intent to show that I have been a fearful person all of my life and maybe everybody is. Fear has gotten in my way to live up to my dreams for the longest part of my life. Each time though, that I managed to overcome that fear I  had the chance for tremendous personal growth.

After all, there are only three things that you are in control:

  1. your thoughts
  2. your words
  3. your actions

One affects the other and everything else happens outside your body, outside yourself and you can’t control it.

change the story you tell

If you want to overcome fear it helps to disengage. You are not your feelings and it is mainly a thought that keeps popping up. When fear grows it might turn into words that you keep telling yourself and these word will turn into actions sooner or later. Always remember this: 
Wherever you are now. You didn’t wake up there by accident. It’s the choices you made.

How you feel about it, is based on the story you tell yourself.
So if you don’t like where you are right now, take different choices and change the story you tell yourself!
If you need help on that, you can leave me a message or you check out the simple stress reducing techniques that you can find at the resource section.

the only one to compare to

Before I let you go today:
The life I am living today is so much different than the life I was living 10 years ago. Back then I may have had, in silent moment, similar dreams but at the same time, no idea how to ever reach them.
If I compare myself to the biggest dream I have, I am still not halfway there. If I compare myself to the little me back then, I moved mountains and crossed oceans. I am further than I ever thought.
It is always about the story you tell.

There is one person only that you should compare yourself to. That person is yourself, yesterday. Life is not about reaching a goal. It is solely about the way to get there.

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