hell yes or hell no

It feels like ages ago that I had the dream of creating a life I Iove. I read fiction and travel adventures and imagined to be brave enough to live through some of these adventures myself.

I also compared myself to at all the rich and famous out there… well, mostly I looked at all the seemingly happy people. At those, who turned success into freedom and happiness. I started searching for a recipe for happiness myself.

One thing I discovered, is that happy people have a clear idea of what they NOT want to do in their lifes. I call it a HELL NO list. Things they want to avoid at all costs. On the other hand they work on HELL YES items. Things they want to do and be it until the end of their lifes.

So far, so good.

I figured out a couple of things I don‘t ever want to do in my life, took notes and wrote a large list of things that I want to achieve (looking back it is funny how much I ticked off that list without ever looking at it again).

But, and that turned out to be the most crucial point: I often found myself out of time to do the things that mattered most to me. There were so many things of daily life, that just had to be done, right? I figured, to be able to reduce my daily shores, I have to become rich, so I can pay somebody for those things I don‘t like and have the justification to my community to „be different“, because I already proofed I was worth it.

Looking back, I found myself in a mindset, where I tried to do what was expected from me. I tried to please others. I failed, over and over again.

Each time I say YES to something that DOESN‘T serve me, I say NO to something that DOES.

what I would tell my younger self

I wasn‘t going for my HELL YES goals because I was caught up in maybes. There were so many things that I thought had to be done first, before I could do what I am meant to do.

That wasn‘t the truth, it was a mindset that kept me occupied. I had to hit rock bottom before I thought there is nothing to lose anyway and be able to craft my own life. To build it around my HELL YES goals.

Once you figure out, what you are meant to be and what you want to do in life, go for it directly.

do you know?

And now guess what… everything comes with a price. Each situation has two sides to it. It depends on your perspective wether you embrace it or not. Each time you fully go for one thing, you are missing another. It is your mindset that decides about the quality of a situation.
By now I discovered that most important ingredient. Love the moment and love yourself.

As long as you don‘t love where you are coming from, you will never love where you are going to.

Happiness is a place to come from, not a place to go to.

lesson of the day

Are you stuck in maybes?

What about looking at each one and  question the reason behind and. then moving it consciously to you HELL YES or HELL NO list.

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