logbook #20200708

elba simplicity

Hurray, the travel restrictions have been lifted a bit. Worldwide and especially Africa travel for me is still a mess, BUT let‘s stay positive: the Schengen area re-opened its borders. For me, that meant going to Italy, Elba in special. It is only now, that I find the time to write about it. It turns out that writing is a bit difficult while driving or doing something else 😉

Well, I‘ll keep this short:

  • I found the boat in a good condition, some issues with the varnish and the seams of the cabin top opened up a bit, but everything else seemed to be perfectly fine
  • The weather was absolutely fantastic and I had some of the best nights ever on my boat
  • The engine worked smoothly
  • The atmosphere was a bit strange in Italy, with everyone wearing masks in public but mostly it was super relaxed
  • I installed a second bilge pump just in case I am locked out again
  • The boat is now at anchor in the bay of Portoferraio and waiting for my return (fingers crossed that Elba won‘t have a storm)

I will be back in Elba July 19th and stay until beginning of August. September 1st I‘ll have a place in the port of Marciana Marina, until then I am not yet sure what to do in August, but I will let you know.

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