no more

simplify, simplify, simplify

Let go of everything that holds you back from anything you want to achieve. Just be clear on this one: To simplify and to go minimal is the opposite of a loss. You are not missing out on anything.

It is more about creating the space for the things you love most. The goal is to let go of the things, thoughts, possessions, friends that hold you back. A day has 24h, no matter who you are and where you are. You can spend every moment and every oney only once. Spend it wisely.

When I talk about minimizing, I am simultaneously talking about maximizing. You have more time, money and/or energy to spend it on something else. Therefor the question what to have less of, gives room to the question what you want more of in life.

I want more joy, laughter, happiness and more meaning.

I believe that we are on this Earth to create the best experience possible. Experiences are what will help our soul to grow and our soul is the only thing we will take with us when we leave this world. I personally take a lot of satisfaction by creating things and experiences and by traveling and sharing the wonders of the world with others.

That is why I created the ADVENTURE seminars 7 years ago. I also love coaching and helping others to discover places in their mind they have never been to before. Combining the travel and the coaching was a perfect fit for me.

life means change

I believe also that life is a constant change. As much as we love something everything is going to pass. Therefor not changing yourself will mean that you will be left behind. My interpretation of change is a positive change though. When you change, make it better, in a sustainable way.

When I had the chance to build an African Tour Company, for custom tailored individual travel in Africa ( I went for it and it worked out super good so far.

Something I learned for myself, is that I love to serve people. Somebody wants to go on Kilimanjaro, my goal is to make it happen. You want to go on Safari, I want to create an incredible experience. Another one wants to see Sahara, I want to show him the real desert and create a tour that is life changing.

no compromises

What I personally found challenging, is to be forced to fill up a group for an ADVENTURE seminar. Sometimes people were not ready for the desert yet but needed coaching. Others were desperate for the desert but had no priority in coaching. Although it wasn’t my goal to include them into the tour, sometimes I had to fill the group.

Therefor I am separating the two services. Do you want to go on an adventure, we will organize it with Django.Tours. No group required, you will go with whomever you choose.

You want to bring your personal state of mind to a new level, we will sit together and find out if we want to work together in a coaching setting.

With Django.Tours I will go on one group adventure per year. Each one, one single time and no coaching included. It will be spectacular by itself though and I will keep you posted here. Nevertheless, the following ADVENTURE seminars will be offered only one more time.

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