professional? not with me… anymore!

For the longest time in my professional career I tried to be professional, not too sloppy, not too emotional, not too esoteric, not too spiritual.

I started as a Headhunter and realized I don‘t want to fill random positions for random people in random industries. I wanted to work for human beings and lead by living an extraordinary life myself.

I became a career consultant for a prestigious business school and helped people make smarter career choices and therefor more money. I started to make unconventional life decision and started writing about it at ‚simplicity of happiness’ and realized I didn’t want to focus on career decisions solely instead I wanted to help people live a better life and live an extraordinary life myself.

I became the Happylife.Coach. I created an own brand, I designed everything to look professional and I created extraordinary ADVENTURE seminars that evolved out of my extraordinary travels that I was writing and podcasting about at ‚simplicity of happiness‘. All of a sudden I was living an extraordinary life, at least from my point of view 10 years prior. 

I still feel absolutely ordinary and I realize more and more that it the simplicity that makes lies beneath true happiness! All the professional thriving for a career, success & wealth is superficial.

Life is so much larger.
What matters most in life, lies beneath the surface.

  • the unconscious
  • the deeper connection
  • the inner calling
  • the spiritual self

I won‘t be professional anymore. I‘ll be human, I‘ll be spiritual, I‘ll be myself and I will keep to help you find the one you want to be.

Therefor I am dropping all other labels and you‘ll find everything about me at simplicity of happiness. That‘s it. Stay tuned for more 😉

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