climbing high & coaching deep

Most coachings are about reaching the next possible goal. Breaking it down in small reachable steps and setting the mindset to get started.

I am not interested in that. I don’t want to get paid for helping my clients to stay ordinary. I am looking for the extraordinary in you. I want to empower you to dream big and turn your dreams into your truth.


kilimanjaro 2019

I am finally done planning the Kilimanjaro Tour 2019.
While I already communicated the idea and the rough dates before, the planning has finished now.

The Kilimanjaro Tour 2019 will take place from June 1st to 16th 2019.

Except for summiting Kilimanjaro this tour has something special to offer: It will be a double summit. Meru & Kili. We will hike for 10 days in total with a 2 days break in between because the first 4 days will be a summit of the neighboring Mt Meru followed by 6 days on Mt Kilimanjaro.


SOH #125 – mit niederlagen umgehen, caveman lodge

Tony ist zurück 😉

Ja genau, nicht nur ich litt an einer akuten Prioritätenverschiebung. Auch für Tony sah eines morgens die Welt anders aus und Pläne änderten sich rasant.
Bei mir sah es nicht so drastisch aus und trotzdem gab es eine plötzliche Neuorientierung ohne das ich mir diese ausgesucht hätte. Swieder einmal zeigt es sich mir, dass die enttäuschendsten Niederlagen jene sind, bei denen man in menschliche Abgründe schaut.
Quasi über Nacht habe ich die Caveman Lodge verloren, bzw. wurde mir mein Anteil an ihr entwendet. Momentan kümmern sich Anwälte und Gerichte um eine Schadensbegrenzung, doch das Abenteuer ist vorbei. Auf in ein Neues.
In dieser Folge geht es neben der Erzählung wie es dazu gekommen ist vorwiegend darum, welche Lehren ich daraus ziehe, bzw. man im generellen das Gute, die Chance zum Wachstum hinter jeder Herausforderung sehen kann.
Der tägliche Stoiker, Ryan Holiday:
Dein Ego ist dein Feind: Ryan Holiday:
Das Hindernis ist der Weg, Ryan Holiday:
Kinderhilfsprojekt KIDZ:
Folge mir auf:
Wenn weniger mehr ist.
Jeden zweiten Mittwoch neu.

life is now – coming back to zanzibar

I am on my way back to Zanzibar as I write this.
I left the island May 5th to travel to Toronto, Canada where I met Chris Thompson and Mike Mandel of MikeMandelHypsnosis.
On the one hand I was tired of the island, tired of the slow processes, tired of the officials who are just not willing to help for any process.
Often it seemed to me, as if people I worked with are only interested in their own corruption money and once you gave it to them forget about it immediately so you will have to start all over again.
As soon as you plan to make any fast progress it will be more than likely that you reach a point of frustration sooner or later.


result of the last 6 month

As you may have seen on the blog and heard on the podcast, I spent my last 6 month in Zanzibar. I was living a childhood dream and realizing a little business opportunity at the same time.

Having my own little spot on the Indian Ocean and being able to share it with others. Together with my business partner Omi, we built up the Caveman Lodge and opened for the first season in December 2016.

It is indeed much more work than expected. We had a great time though and it looks as if our guests are enjoying it as well. Have a look yourself and if you like, be our guest.

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