a fantastic journey


a fantastic journey

The Sahara tour with Florian was a fantastic journey into a wonderful world. The localization, completely new to me, in terms of landscape, culture, temperature-related challenges and everyday contact with nomads who led us through the desert were the perfect foundation for breaking out of everyday life and questioning and re-thinking established behaviors and habits. 

The daily 1-2 hours of loosely designed “workshops” with Florian with changing topics about interpersonal communication and expectations in the daily dealings with fellow human beings, to name only an example, gave food for thought for the daily use. The scope of the tour gives each individual the freedom to be with themselves or to discuss them with their fellow travelers. 

The wonderful and very restrained companionship of the two nomads, who casually made up the most delicious dishes from the simplest of ingredients, gave a priceless insight into the life wisdom, bravery and attitudes to the lives of these highly contented people, who combined minimalism with nature Life. 

A priceless experience in every respect, where everyone in one way or another reaches its limits and thus grows a bit with the setting of new individual boundaries

claudi z. SAHARA experience III 16/02/2019

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