How much easier it is to grow with some guidance

How much easier it is to grow with some guidance

I am a person that tends to seak way too little advise from outside – unfortunately, it`s a very bad habit… Although I do a HUGE amount of self analysing, too often, I am not allowing an outside perspective in, which is a total bummer because it often helps one gain clarity WAY faster than constantly digging within one`s own dirt.
I have seen it so vividly again, how much clearer things become when someone asks the right questions. How much easier it is to grow with some guidance. From each and every conversation that I have had with Floh in the past five years, I have walked away feeling refreshed, strengthened and inspired – and also with a bunch of homework, but hey, he`s a coach and not a magician, right? ;).
So if you sometimes feel that your thoughts are going round in circles but those circles don`t always spiral upwards, then I can defenitely recommend you to try out a free trial session with Floh.
I experienced first hand how he has untangled some of my endless spirals within minutes, so I can write this recommendation with my whole heart behind it.

Nike – WhiteSpotPirates

Nike Steiger Adventurer Coaching 21/11/2023

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