send him to the desert

send him to the desert

Everyone knows the saying “send him to the desert”.

When I told my family and friends that I was going into the desert, I heard, “Why?”, “Why something so pointless?”, “That’s totally dangerous!”. When I told them that I went to the desert because of work, I only received pity.

For what brought MY TRIP through the desert, I could at that time already have started to celebrate.
I did not come back as a better person, not even with a better seated meat, nor did I become a radical Muslim. Actually, I stayed.
The seated meat can be explained quickly: I spent two and a half days on a dromedary. It makes, I believe, no difference, whether in a small dinghy storm over the North Sea drives or completely exhausted on such an animal home wants. It rocks like a pig.

I have a job where one project comes after the next and the rest periods on the weekend are not enough anymore. I hung my head in the last project, so I had to prepare the next one. Nothing unusual these days. I have been doing this job for a few years already. Changed the company, but still it felt so damned wrong. I had the feeling that I was not happy.

The desert trip, if I just limited myself to this topic, was a possibility for me to let all the thoughts that rush through my head, come and go.

Learn to accept.

You can say, the desert got me hooked. When I got back home, I noticed how this little patch of earth enriched and inspired me.

There is so much to tell about diversity, experiences of nature and one’s own body, of people who simply emerge and disappear from the depths of the desert, about habits that are important, about communication and …

All this is accompanied in a wonderful, personal and professional way by Florian!

jan r. SAHARA experience III. 16/02/2019

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