travel thoughts

I love the scenery with deep blue water an empty beach, the sun shining and the sky marvelous. Just creating these images in my mind puts me in a good mood. I feel light-hearted and free.

As if the open sky and distant horizon tells me to leave the known behind, search the adventure and go wherever I wish.

Often I dreamed about the adventurous times you can read about in books where people did just that… and discovered a new world.

Now, in modern times three things seem to be different: 

  • The world is not endless anymore, all corners have been explored. 
  • The digital age will have us connected around the globe and we can’t escape the status quo.
  • In our organized world we have obligations that we can’t get rid of: school, social security, tax, your job… to name a few.

Having thought about that while trying to fulfill the mentioned obligations I realized that all the limitations are only in our heads. Although it became common to behave inside a certain social norm, it still remains our own choice whether we want to obey the rules that we put on us.

There have always been plenty of reasons not to leave and stay where you are.

The boundaries are foremost inside of us, as are the new worlds to discover. Wherever we go. That place is not new or discovered as if it was hidden before.

No, more than everything else it is new to us. New to our knowledge, new to our belief system, new to world(view). We can always go out and expand that. Discover the world that is new to you.

The world, by the way is not digital. Although it is possible to see videos, pictures and hear stories from all over the world it is something completely different to go there and experience it. Life is never black or white, it is always some kind of grey and you only get a feeling of that when you are truly there. Going out and seeing the world, most of all natures beauty has never been as important and healing as it is today.

Last but not least all the regulations and the duty that we grow up with are manmade. These are no irrevocable laws of nature. No, all of these only apply as long as we want them to apply. You can leave all of them behind, you just have to live with the consequences, most of all a loss of security. But that’s how it goes, everything comes with a price. The price of adventurous traveling has always been the immense insecurity.

About 7 year ago the desire to break free started to grow and almost to date 5 years ago I left all comfort behind and started my nomad journey. There have been breaks in between, but once I new about the feeling of freedom I couldn’t go back without losing myself.

Next will be the adventure of traveling the world with my tiny wooden boat – fossil free and embracing the simplicity of happiness.

Discover your dreams – think a thought – put it into action and creative an experience and emotions  that will trigger further dreams.

Create that feedback loop that helps you to thrive.

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