what scares you?

I am scared to be scared.I hate this feeling of uncertainty and fear.It is not my comfort zone and things don‘t happen with ease. When I am in my comfort zone and things go well for me I feel good and happy and maybe proud of what I am doing. All of that can disappear in an instant when I am scared of something.

For a reason I did not understand for a long time I am always craving the next adventure. Putting me in scary situations over and over again:

  • be it in the mountains
  • in Sahara
  • approaching business opportunities
  • going sailing on a tiny wooden boat
  • getting involved in a new Africa experience

Every time I reach the point that I question myself and my decisions. How nuts can you be to put yourself in such a situation again, Floh? You could chill at home and have a good time with friends now.

How can that be? How can that behavior be smart?

Maybe, sometimes what scares us most, is what we secretly desire.

A coach I admire told me about his son starting swimming classes and he was terrified about it. He even questioned whether it was a good idea to put him through this. After only one week his son asked to jump from the big rock next to the pool and he was having the time of his life.
Our body and especially our unconscious is designed to protect us. Most of human history it could mean death to take risks. Still people had to take risks into the unknown for survival. It made sense to be scared, so you would prepare as good as you can, to stay alive and avoid it altogether when possible.

Nevertheless every so often what you secretly desire is what you don‘t have or do, yet.
It is one of the paradoxes in life. In order to become physically stronger you have to exercise until you are tired and weak.To become mentally stronger you have to leave your comfort zone and experience weakness, being scared and uncomfortable.Outside the comfort zone is where growth happens.

Do you want to grow as a human?

Leave your comfort zone!

How do you know you left it?

Well, are you scared?

What is it that you secretly desire?

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