happy#007 – EMMA

Having experienced so many things I loved in 2013 I wanted more of it in 2014. Together with Judy we took the crazy decision to move out and hit the road with our 1971 Mercedes Bus called Emma. Eventually we kept on traveling for eight month and ended up in the Golden Village in Switzerland. In between we had seen some of the most beautiful places ever and learned some lessons for life.Having moved to Switzerland my story continues with an adventurous trip to Sahara and East Africa, which was going to have a huge impact on my future. 
I learned that it is easy to lose the positive focus no matter how positive your life may look to the outside. Once again it shows, that it is not important what happens to you, but you think of it. Look at the bright side of life. That concept proved to be true in drowning Sahara as well.
I also experienced that it’s sometimes better to know the direction you are heading than having a goal itself. You might end up finding some wonderful places.

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