SE05 happy#226 – what sacrifices would you make for freedom

simplicity of happiness · SE05 happy#226 – what sacrifices would you make for freedom

If you had to make a sacrifice to find your freedom, would you do it?
Sacrifices pay off, but sometimes not. Making sacrifices is a risk that few have the strength to take and go forward with, and those who do are worthy of admiration since they put all their effort and work into something uncertain.

Today’s guests are a couple who sacrificed much of their personal lives to pursue adventure; they are Maya and Aladino from Sailing Magic Carpet. A couple dedicated to refitting their boats and showcasing the process on social media.

In this episode, our guests will be sharing how they sacrificed everything they had to live a life full of adventures in the middle of the sea. Also, we will hear how they invested all the savings available in their bank accounts to buy a boat they had never seen before located in the US.

There’s no doubt that these two have taken risks and made sacrifices to achieve their dreams; finding freedom and sharing their stories with the world.

Discover more about the lives of these two adventurers, and listen to the tips they will be sharing with us.


what you will hear

[3:20] The process of buying a new boat overseas.
[8:52] Dealing with uncertainty.
[11:19] Making personal sacrifices in the name of adventure.
[15:22] A start full of doubts.
[19:22] Why is sailing addictive?
[20:40] Freedom has its consequences.
[24:30] Follow your dreams.
[27:50] A YouTuber who feels uncomfortable in front of the cameras.
[34:13] A wish for the future.


Every moment that you embrace is the best moment.


Just because you decided to follow your dreams doesn’t mean that your life is gonna be beautiful and easy.



SE05 happy#225 – the success factor

simplicity of happiness · SE05 happy#225 – the success factor

We all want to reach it, but what is success?

Today’s guest The Success Factor author, Ruth Gotian. A woman who has dedicated herself to meeting the most successful minds to study them and learn about their mindset and practices. Her investigation yielded a surprising result—she discovered that all these people had four elements in common that allowed them to achieve success.

Ruth will share with us all of her acquired knowledge about success. Also, we will be talking about passion and why it is an essential point in the success path.

You can be successful too. Find out how.

Best, Floh

what you will hear

[0:36] The success factor.
[2:32] The four elements of success.
[10:13] How to find your passion?
[15:53 ​]​ Different types of motivation.
[18:39]  What is success?
[20:01] How to recognize a successful person?
[24:32] A work ethic story.
[28:14] The importance of constantly reinforcing your foundation.
[30:15] A story about learning.
[31:46] Ruth’s best recommendation.


“There are more bad days than good days on the road to success.”


“Success is a moving target.”



Ruth Website:
The Success Factor book
Passion Audit:

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SE05 happy#224 – because you can

simplicity of happiness · SE05 happy#224 – because you can

So often, people need to have a reason to take action. It can become difficult to chose between investment and return, especially when helping others? 

Does there really need to be a return or is it about how we feel ourself doing it in the first place?

A while ago, I had the chance to help a friend who found himself in a difficult situation. All I did was asking others, including my newsletter subscribers to help me and him out.

I was blown away by the help we received for my friend and it made me proud that I did it. Although… looking closely I did not do much. I just asked others for help, simply because I could.

That kept me thinking. Aren‘t these always the most amazing things? Those we do, just because we can but don‘t have to?

What is it that you do, just because you can?

What is it that you would like to do just because you can?

Maybe we should aim for that more often.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#223 – introvert

simplicity of happiness · happy#223 – introvert

Introvert or Extrovert. Most of us heart these terms before, but who can recall any business training, strategy or job motivation that did not seem to be for the extroverts.

I belief that this is more on the behavioral site than a real character trade and this behavior being caused by different intrinsic motivations. Nevertheless it occurs in each one of us.

Jon Bakers, todays guest specializes in training and coaching for introverts and people leading introverts in their team.

Being an introvert himself it is a wonderful insightful conversation with him. He gives a lot of tips about living and introvert life or dealing with one.

You can find out more about him at:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#222 – retire early

simplicity of happiness · happy#222 – retire early

While working on this podcast episode, I stumbled upon this text:

F–– You Money

Back in the 1920s, the actor Humphrey Bogart used to keep a $100 bill in his nightstand at all times. That’s the equivalent of over $1,200 today. He referred to it as his ‘f–– you money’, because it meant he’d never be forced to take a part he didn’t want. He once said that the only good reason for making money was so you can tell anyone in the world to go to hell.

What’s your number? How much money would you need to happily turn down opportunities that you don’t want? And what if you could turn them down before you hit that number…?

Then it hit me, because what Chris Mamula, todays guest did was not to retire, he just saved enough f—- you money, to become free enough to only choose what he is doing.

If you want to know what that means to him and how he actually managed to have that amount of money by 41 listen to the episode or find out more about him directly at: or

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#221 – life design

simplicity of happiness · happy#221 – life design

I met Carlos and Susanne when they interviewed me for their podcast life design and there I had the feeling there is more to discuss in further details.

At first glance they seem to be a happy couple that found their role by successfully raising 4 children and having a career.

But, there is more to it and it did not go as expected and they had to take some unconventional turns.

Let me not spoil it all but listen in and find out how they managed to fix their realtionship and become a truly remarkable couple and what they have to share with all the other couples of this world.

If you need some really helpful advice with your relationship you might also want to visit:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#220 – life transitions

simplicity of happiness · happy#220 – life transitions

Is a minimalist life possession free?

No, it is well curated!

Things that minimalists own, fulfill a purpose and often you will find a lot of high quality items in their daily life.

That is because they don‘t like trash in their life and things that are used regularly are therefor higher quality. You see, being a minimalist is not about saying no. It is about saying yes to the right things. Owning is fine, as long as you use it or is at least bringing value to your life.

Less distraction, more focus!

Less clutter, you don‘t need in the first place.

Maybe that could be a reason why minimalists make up such good coaches. Because they got rid of the clutter in their mind as well.

I had the honor to have a conversation with an amazing woman with a minimalist approach. Yana Stockman who originally comes from Ukraine, started travelling the world and realized the more things you leave behind that you don‘t need in the first place, the more liberated you are to go and to do what you really love.

By now she is settled in the US and helps her client in their „Life Transitions“

You can find out more about Yana at:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#219 – enneagram with mike mandel

simplicity of happiness · happy#219 – enneagram with mike mandel

I am a great fan of Mike Mandel and the work he does. Together with his co-host and business partner Chris Thompson he runs a wildly crazy podcast called Brain Software where they offer tons of value and deep insides into coaching and NLP.

In his podcast Mike often gives people numbers and refers to the Enneagram.

Since I enjoy talking to Mike so much I saw this as a good opportunity to have Mike back on the show and share his view on the Enneagram with you.

We will go into the history of the Enneagram, take about archetypes and get a description of all the 9 different Enneagram types.

As well as some inside on the Enneagram type 8 of Mike and wether I fit in there or not…

If you want to take a glimpse of the Enneagram yourself you might want to have a look at one of the following free tests:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast

happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

simplicity of happiness · happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

Often I am addressing those of you, to whom happiness is a choice. I include myself into this category.  
No matter how much we think that life is fooling us, it is on us to choose what we make of it. Basically we close to unlimited options and often that is a reason for our misery. As soon as we take a decision for something, we have to say no to everything else that we could possibly do.

Because… there is only room to do one thing at once.

But there are people within our society that face constant discrimination and is on us to do something against it.

Today I talk to Anna Michaela Cox, who is fighting for rights of so called „disabled children“ in the US. Being blind herself, she suffered from a discriminating school system herself and I ask her, what everyone of us can do to make this a better world and include everybody, no matter what the circumstances are.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#217 – avoid 9’s and go for 10’s

simplicity of happiness · happy#217 – avoid 9’s and go for 10’s

I am finally sharing an episode with you that I recorded a while ago. As you may now, am I a a fan of John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire ( ) and admire him for what he did with his podcast and most of all for the Podcast community all together (

Some of my best inspirations came from him and I enjoyed my conversations with him as he is, always of service. One reason for his success might be exactly that, not only grow the own business but also being of help to others.

Even a person like John who seems to be a high achiever stills sometimes struggles and/or doesn’t reach his own goals. Therefor we set up this call and you can hear, that in oder to change, you first needs to be vulnerable at some point, to accept a change that you can then implement in everything you do.

If there is something to learn from this episode, then, no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) you are in something that you do. Put all your achievements aside, be vulnerable and ask yourself what you could do different. 

What brought you here, won’t get you there!

Let go and add something new to the mix 😉

You’ll be surprised where you might end up! 

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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