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simplicity of happiness · happy#213 – corporate action hero

Another meaningful conversation with a person I would have never met without this Podcast. I am grateful to welcome John Davis aka „the corporate action hero“ to the show.

John is an internationally known Speaker, Comedian, Fight Director and Action Hero. As an international entertainer, John has traveled extensively throughout the world speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in 28 countries and over four thousand live performances. John encourages his audiences to set and reach their highest potentials and is often invited back as a peak performance coach.

As the Artistic Director of four regional theme parks across the nation, John developed a reputation for reversing negative trends. Under his leadership, the parks witnessed growths of up to 60% in a single year’s time.  

I talk with John about overcoming obstacles and creating the life that you love. A lot of the impact that you have is originating in your thoughts and the way that you see and picture your life.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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