SE05 happy#225 – the success factor

simplicity of happiness · SE05 happy#225 – the success factor

We all want to reach it, but what is success?

Today’s guest The Success Factor author, Ruth Gotian. A woman who has dedicated herself to meeting the most successful minds to study them and learn about their mindset and practices. Her investigation yielded a surprising result—she discovered that all these people had four elements in common that allowed them to achieve success.

Ruth will share with us all of her acquired knowledge about success. Also, we will be talking about passion and why it is an essential point in the success path.

You can be successful too. Find out how.

Best, Floh

what you will hear

[0:36] The success factor.
[2:32] The four elements of success.
[10:13] How to find your passion?
[15:53 ​]​ Different types of motivation.
[18:39]  What is success?
[20:01] How to recognize a successful person?
[24:32] A work ethic story.
[28:14] The importance of constantly reinforcing your foundation.
[30:15] A story about learning.
[31:46] Ruth’s best recommendation.


“There are more bad days than good days on the road to success.”


“Success is a moving target.”



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