happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

simplicity of happiness · happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

Often I am addressing those of you, to whom happiness is a choice. I include myself into this category.  
No matter how much we think that life is fooling us, it is on us to choose what we make of it. Basically we close to unlimited options and often that is a reason for our misery. As soon as we take a decision for something, we have to say no to everything else that we could possibly do.

Because… there is only room to do one thing at once.

But there are people within our society that face constant discrimination and is on us to do something against it.

Today I talk to Anna Michaela Cox, who is fighting for rights of so called „disabled children“ in the US. Being blind herself, she suffered from a discriminating school system herself and I ask her, what everyone of us can do to make this a better world and include everybody, no matter what the circumstances are.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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