happy#024 – love people, use stuff

It makes so much sense to say things like: love people and use stuff, but every now and then it happens be quite hard to act accordingly. To get what you want it seems to be the easiest to manipulate and use other people. Isn’t that what everybody is doing. 
And the new car, new phone, new stereo, new snowboard you just bought and spent so much time working for the money to buy. Isn’t it normal to love these things?
I am giving you an example today of something that I tend to love and what solution I found for myself.So often I just get caught up in stuff I didn’t mean to do before. I don’t know how it is with you, but often that kind of stuff doesn’t do me any good. When I recognize that, I often think that… well, tomorrow is just another day.
Now I had to realize that no matter how old you are, every day can be your last and I try to live up to best person I can possibly be. As I have been traveling with nomads in Sahara for a week again their understanding of life makes so much sense: You live or you die, it’s not in your hands!

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