happy#174 – mentor

simplicity of happiness · happy#174 – mentor

Do you think that you can grow and thrive all on your own? Or does it help to look up to someone and may even have the chance to call that person and receive help?

I believe that having a mentor is one of the major aspects to thrive and develop your personality.

I experienced in my life over and over that being in contact with a person that look up to, helps me to clear my own path. 
just a couple of weeks ago I saw in a company that I was working for how important it is that young and aspiring team member have a mentor. That might be one of the key aspects for good company spirit and the growth of the company as a whole and the individual in special.

So besides looking for a mentor who achieved what you are longing for, who are you mentoring. With whom around you do you want share your experience and help them to become the best version of themselves?

Take care my friend, Floh

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