happy#200 – tiny steps add up

simplicity of happiness · happy#200 – tiny steps add up

In preparation for this episode I wanted to look for something special at first. 
Then I realized, that it doesn‘t matter if it was episode 200, 300, 1000 or any random number in between. It is always the most important episode that I am recording at the moment. Life is a progress and always now.
Therefor it also doesn‘t make sense to feel grief about the past or anxiety about the future.

I found out how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have achieved in the past, especially when you are a high achiever.

What I am asking you to do is step back and see your full life in front of you. Acknowledge what you have done, see who you want to have been and draw the right conclusions from the two to act now.

What is the tiniest step towards your biggest dream that you can do today?

All the best, Floh