happy#203 – what scares you most

simplicity of happiness · happy#203 – what scares you most

What scares you most may be, what you secretly desire.I am convinced that every one knows the feeling of fear.

  • fear of being hurt
  • fear of failure
  • fear of not being liked
  • fear of being left alone
  • fear of being unimportant
  • fear of being forgotten

There are a ton of different reasons to be scared. Only very few deal with physical harm though. While it makes sense to fear pain and stay alert, a lot of other fears mean being scared of the unknown and want to keep us in a safe place.
Inside your comfort zone is where you feel the safest, you know the rules, you know how to behave and how to deal with situations that may occur.
As soon as you leave your comfort zone, your body and mind will tell you be cautions of getting hurt.
While most things that could possibly be done or happen to you don‘t scare you because they are either not obvious or very unlikely, it is interesting to give those a closer look, that do scare you.
Maybe because you secretly desire them.

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