happy#208 – freedom of the mountain

simplicity of happiness · happy#208 – freedom of the mountain

For todays episode I decided to go with a solo episode and with a citation again. A person I value a lot for almost 10 year now is Leo Babauta. He is a minimalist and founder of the super successful blog Zen Habits.

I read most of his blog posts and get inspired by a lot of his thoughts.

What I find especially interesting about Leo is that he lives in a family of 8. His wife, their 6 children and himself.

Minimizing your own stuff and focusing on the essentials is one thing but involving a huge family is something else all together.

Some time ago he posted an article on his famous blog about two separate men fantasizing about leaving everything behind and living on a mountain.

In case you want to read to whole article head over to

Leo was writing about that incident because he could very well relate to that  fantasy himself and I am quoting Leo because I can as well. He is right that neither me nor the men who told him are in fact searching the mountain, but the freedom they hope to find in the simplicity.

How would it be then, to find the freedom in everything you do?

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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