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simplicity of happiness · happy#207 – zen habits CONVO

What feels like ages ago, I was preparing for my first big adventure. A solo Sahara tour by foot. During that time many people around my simply declared me for nuts and only a very very few were encouraging. One of the people always uplifting was my friend Tony. Apart from being a mentor and person to talk to he invited me several times to his Podcast: Guerilla FM. I liked it so much, that I wanted to start my own show and this became only true because Tony pushed me to, helped me with the technical part and became my Co-Host.
It lasted for some hundred episodes and as I had started an English show as well, it came the time that I focused purely on the English version.Ever since Tony has not been on the show again.
I am proud to have Tony back on the show and opening an interview series that I am am currently recording. In contrast to the former interviews, I am not going with a set of questions but rather having a meaningful conversation with a friend.
Although he wouldn’t put it that way, Tony is a adventurer as well and from Karate champion to Marketing Master he has some stories to tell.
One reason for him being so calm about personal achievements, might be his decades lasting meditation practice which he acquired as a young person and then deepened while living in a Japanese Zen monastery.
And this is what I want to talk to him about. What are the zen habits you can learn from living in a Zen monastery?
But before you jump into the show… the following CONVOs will take a bit longer then my normal 10-15 minutes.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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