happy#206 – insides into coaching

simplicity of happiness · happy#206 – insides into coaching

These years lockdowns turn out to have something quite positive for me. I don‘t think that I have stayed for so long at the same place in the last 10 years.
That meant for me not going on any adventures, not traveling and not starting anything new. Well, at least not except for my tiny farm project in the Swiss mountains.

I was frustrated about that at times, but after accepting the fact it forced me to acknowledge reality and live in the moment. 
What could I do right now and right here?
What do I want to do right now and right here?

Among other things I focused on bringing my business online. I worked on my online presence and I finally took my time and started editing videos, mostly because I want to start publishing the recorded videos of the last years. As a result I decided to also publish the Podcast as a Videoblog as well.

This is the first episode that will be available on both and you can have a look at my Simplicity Of Happiness channel at

In the episode I talk about a principle that I have in mind while coaching. It is strongly related and almost identical to the logical levels of Robert Dilts. His work influenced and shaped NLP and his model and the intervention based on Dilts logical levels is fundamental to NLP to this day.

The 6 levels are: top to bottom:
– Spiritual
– Identity
– Beliefs
– Capabilities
– Behavior
– Environment

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#202 – reduce your mental clutter

simplicity of happiness · happy#201 – symptom or cause?

It has been a while that I moved from Berlin and it has even been a few years more that I started my journey to minimalism and reduce my clutter.
There was a time when I could not let go of excess stuff. While my income was increasing I purchased new stuff every once in a while but I did not let go of the old.
I used to have closets full of clothes, most of them I never wore.
After I found out that less could actually mean more, I reduced and got rid of most things I didn‘t use.
But still…when we started our 8 month journey with our old school camper-van Emma a lot of stuff didn‘t fit and stayed in Berlin. Some in friends basements, some stayed in the apartment with the friends who live there now.
A lot of the stuff were books and it is a serious discussion, wheather it is really worth keeping books that you are not reading. After all, could you look up the information elsewhere once you need it.
What has been a huge relief to me though was clearing out these friends place. Decluttering is not only important for physical stuff but also mentally.
By getting these things done, I reduced mental clutter because I don’t need to worry about when and how we’ll take care of it. Freeing up your unconscious mind creates potential to deal with… e.g. creativity.
What is it that you could reduce to free up your mind?
Take care my friend, Floh

Do you want to find ou more about ways to declutter: Maybe you want to consider a coaching call.


happy#201 – symptom or cause?

simplicity of happiness · happy#201 – symptom or cause?

Don’t we often mistake the symptoms for the cause?
Somehow this seems to be a a very humanly behavior because we don’t only do it for ourselves.
I have recently been on a road trip through Germany and I was shocked to see how many forests all over the country where dying.

A result of the heat I thought and a research showed that they actually die because of some bugs. 
But the bugs have been there as long as the trees. So this does not have only one cause. Multiple factors of stress add up until they reach a level where the trees can’t cope with it anymore. 
Isn’t that the same in your life? 
Where do you confuse symptom and cause and what can you do to work on the cause so the symptoms disappear?

All the best, Floh


happy#200 – tiny steps add up

simplicity of happiness · happy#200 – tiny steps add up

In preparation for this episode I wanted to look for something special at first. 
Then I realized, that it doesn‘t matter if it was episode 200, 300, 1000 or any random number in between. It is always the most important episode that I am recording at the moment. Life is a progress and always now.
Therefor it also doesn‘t make sense to feel grief about the past or anxiety about the future.

I found out how difficult it is to acknowledge what you have achieved in the past, especially when you are a high achiever.

What I am asking you to do is step back and see your full life in front of you. Acknowledge what you have done, see who you want to have been and draw the right conclusions from the two to act now.

What is the tiniest step towards your biggest dream that you can do today?

All the best, Floh


happy#199 – the chained elephant

simplicity of happiness · happy#199 – the chained elephant

During a coaching I was reminded of a metaphor I once heard and am going to tell you in this episode.
What does this metaphor mean for your life?
What can you do about it?

All the best, Floh


happy#198 – things take time

simplicity of happiness · happy#198 – things take time

I kept myself busy while being locked down and build myself a little farm in the mountains. As so often I get inspired when doing something else. I had a lot of hatching eggs lately and they have been teaching me patience. Some of them hatched way earlier than expected and other took for ever and although there is basically a living bird inside the egg there is nothing you can do to release it. If you do it will most likely die.
Things take time and sometimes all you can do is wait for it, may it be an idea, a progress or a living being.
And then be there when it is time.

All the best, Floh


happy#197 – bang for the buck

simplicity of happiness · happy#happy#197 – bang for the buck

With a lot of quiet time there is space to think. About life and what it means to us, to me.
What will happen when we don‘t put the money on the table and expect the most for it. Most people on earth being locked away gives plenty of room for other things. Such as nature, or reflexion.
So I ask myself, what if we take this time to not ask for the biggest bang for the buck, but ask ourself, what we can put on the table. What can we add to the equation to bring back the world into balance.
What is it that you want to do?

All the best, Floh


happy#196 – crisis strategy

simplicity of happiness · happy#196 – crisis strategy

I struggle at the moment.
I trained myself over the last year to always look out for the positive. Every crisis has a chance to grow and still it feels awful to be in the middle of one. It is easy to loose sight of the light at the end of the tunnel.
One thing I learned to cope better with the frustrations is to be absolutely open and vulnerable. Communicate the struggles. By finding words there is often a process of also clarifying the situation. You lift it from your unconscious mind to you the conscious and you can tackle and handle what is really bothering/worrying you.
Let us stay positive and do the best out of now. 
In the end… what other choice do we have….

Stay safe my friend!

All the best, Floh


no more

simplify, simplify, simplify

Let go of everything that holds you back from anything you want to achieve. Just be clear on this one: To simplify and to go minimal is the opposite of a loss. You are not missing out on anything.


happy#195 – corona/covid 19

simplicity of happiness · happy#195 – corona/covid 19

The current situation is affecting me as many others, but since we decide ourself how we deal with it, I am raising the question, what I/we could do with it.

What is it that I could do, to help you in this situation?
Shall I do a daily show? Shall I cover specific topics?
Let me know!

All the best, Floh