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INpowered podcast

A perfect example, of how you can sometimes plan and still things turn out different.
I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Jayne of the INpowered podcast and although I was a a beautiful setting, I had to change last minute because a heavy wind was blowing.
I ended up recording this episode in my car, parked in the sun and the heat rising in the and my dog being annoyed being annoyed by all of that.

happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

simplicity of happiness · happy#218 – inclusion vs. exclusion

Often I am addressing those of you, to whom happiness is a choice. I include myself into this category.  
No matter how much we think that life is fooling us, it is on us to choose what we make of it. Basically we close to unlimited options and often that is a reason for our misery. As soon as we take a decision for something, we have to say no to everything else that we could possibly do.

Because… there is only room to do one thing at once.

But there are people within our society that face constant discrimination and is on us to do something against it.

Today I talk to Anna Michaela Cox, who is fighting for rights of so called „disabled children“ in the US. Being blind herself, she suffered from a discriminating school system herself and I ask her, what everyone of us can do to make this a better world and include everybody, no matter what the circumstances are.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#217 – avoid 9’s and go for 10’s

simplicity of happiness · happy#217 – avoid 9’s and go for 10’s

I am finally sharing an episode with you that I recorded a while ago. As you may now, am I a a fan of John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneurs on Fire ( ) and admire him for what he did with his podcast and most of all for the Podcast community all together (

Some of my best inspirations came from him and I enjoyed my conversations with him as he is, always of service. One reason for his success might be exactly that, not only grow the own business but also being of help to others.

Even a person like John who seems to be a high achiever stills sometimes struggles and/or doesn’t reach his own goals. Therefor we set up this call and you can hear, that in oder to change, you first needs to be vulnerable at some point, to accept a change that you can then implement in everything you do.

If there is something to learn from this episode, then, no matter how successful (or unsuccessful) you are in something that you do. Put all your achievements aside, be vulnerable and ask yourself what you could do different. 

What brought you here, won’t get you there!

Let go and add something new to the mix 😉

You’ll be surprised where you might end up! 

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#216 – you, me and happiness

simplicity of happiness · happy#216 – you me and happiness

You, me and happiness is the project of this weeks guest Helen Müller with whom I have a wonderful conversation about life, change and finding happiness.

What it means to leave home and travel the world in order to find oneself.

Helen’s total focus is helping Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders fulfil their Greatest Potential.  The You, Me and Happiness Program focuses heavily on Heightened Awareness and her unique ability to communicate remotely with human DNA is giving her clients high performance output and an accelerated growth incomparable.

Helen is also author of You, Me & Happiness and Four Keys to Happiness, has been featured in Yahoo Lifestyle, Medium, Rich Woman Magazine and various podcasts for her breakthrough technique to remove mental blocks in 15 minutes. Her journey into Entrepreneurship started by selling biscuits on their family farm in South Africa and took off after being introduced to LURN Inc. and coach, Willie Laney. She enjoys a lifestyle of wildly intuitive traveling and is currently working on research whilst remaining passionately involved in coaching Entrepreneurs and spreading Happiness all around.

Find out more about Helen and her program at:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#215 – how your brain works

simplicity of happiness · happy#215 – how your brain works

Speaker, teacher, writer and researcher Liam Naden helps you understand the process for creating true success in your life by understanding how to use your brain the right way – overcoming your problems, achieving your goals and ending frustrations. He is the host of the podcast: “Using Your Brain for Success”, author of “Re-Balancing Your Brain for Success” and creator of Neuro-State Rebalancing (NSR), a process which automatically gets your brain working the right way to bring you the life you want.

Liam is also an experienced marriage and relationships coach, host of the “Growing in Love for Life” podcast, author of 20 books and creator of 4 relationships coaching programs.

Beside this, Liam is a sailor, a traveller and kept an open mind in life. Join us for this fun conversation between the Swiss Mountains and Apulia, Italy.

If you want to find out more about Liam and his show have a look at his Podcast at

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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articles guest appearance

life design podcast

I am so fortunate to meet interesting people all around the planet. Partly that is due to my travels, partly to living at beautiful tourist destinations. Last but not least I can invite people I look up to, to my Podcast and can have a meaningful conversation.

happy#214 – the minimalists

simplicity of happiness · happy#214 – the minimalists

Around a decade ago. Around 2012 I had accumulated a lot of emotional and physical luggage that started to wear me out.

I questioned who I was, who I was becoming and most of all who I actually wanted to become.

Amongst others I found inspiration by people like Leo Babauta of Zen Habits, Colin Wright ( and the minimalists Josh and Ryan.

In fact they have been a reason for me to go with the minimal approach and lead to a blogpost I wrote back then (still in German) where I declare SIMPLICITY as my new favorite word.

And it lasted. I decluttered most parts of my life including my mind and I am still greatful for that.

I am still far from perfect, but doing much better than 10 years ago.

The more am I thrilled to share the following podcast episode with Ryan Nicodemus, one half and the heart of the minimalists with you.

If you want to find out more about the minimalist visit their website or check out the recent book:

They also have two documentaries on Netflix and a Youtube channel if you are more of a visual person.

For now sit back and enjoy the episode.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#213 – corporate action hero

simplicity of happiness · happy#213 – corporate action hero

Another meaningful conversation with a person I would have never met without this Podcast. I am grateful to welcome John Davis aka „the corporate action hero“ to the show.

John is an internationally known Speaker, Comedian, Fight Director and Action Hero. As an international entertainer, John has traveled extensively throughout the world speaking to audiences of all ages and backgrounds in 28 countries and over four thousand live performances. John encourages his audiences to set and reach their highest potentials and is often invited back as a peak performance coach.

As the Artistic Director of four regional theme parks across the nation, John developed a reputation for reversing negative trends. Under his leadership, the parks witnessed growths of up to 60% in a single year’s time.  

I talk with John about overcoming obstacles and creating the life that you love. A lot of the impact that you have is originating in your thoughts and the way that you see and picture your life.

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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happy#212 – bas lebesque

simplicity of happiness · happy#212 – bas lebesque

For this year I am aiming to have as many meaningful conversations with people I don‘t know yet, as I possible can. 

After all, deep connections with real people is what makes us human, right? Way too many of us were lacking real conversations during this pandemic year.

The first guest I never met and interviewed was Bas Lebesque.

Bas became a big fan of minimalism and got rid of 75% of his stuff, 2 yrs ago. He would like to take it one level up and get rid of 50% of the 25% that is left. That is a current challenge and maybe a good occasion to play the minimalism game, isn‘t it?

Bas says about himself the following:

After a short career in hospitality and then 2 careers in financial markets, as a trader and as a freelance consultant. I had to take bold action to stop doing what I was not enjoying. Looking back, I realised that when I started my second career as a consultant in 2010 I also started my own physical and mental health journey.

It took me 3 years to break out of my golden cage, in which I was living as a successful financial trader. I am happy I did, as I live a much freer life now. Breaking out of that cage at the peak of the financial crisis, I thought I was going to lose my identity and I would end up living on the streets. What a limiting belief that was!

The journey to my best version will never end, but I am happier with myself than ever before. The work of Byron Katie, Dr Joe Dispenza and Wim Hof have become a part of my life.

Among his journey he has lived in 8 countries on 5 continents.

You can find out more at:

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast podcast

happy#211 – stormrider mike mandel

simplicity of happiness · happy#211 – stormrider mike mandel

I am thrilled to have my teacher, mentor, friend and above all timeless wizard Mike Mandel as my guest on the show.

If you want to find out more about Mike and the outstanding work he does together with his business partner and former Podcast guest Chris Thompson of Episode 158 ( visit his website or listen directly to his recording „journey to the castle“ (

We talk about coaching in general and for some interventions in details. If you have any questions concerning the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy or hypnotic work feel free to contact me at any time.

And… stay tuned, there will be more 😉

Until then, take care my friend.

Best, Floh

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