happy#178 – safari

simplicity of happiness · happy#178 – safari

I have been on an amazing trip to Africa, Mount Meru, national parks, wildlife, Kilimanjaro with tons of emotions and a journey into our past.
Once again it amazed me to see beautiful nature in national parks even larger than some countries.

To see the complexity and harmony of nature which is left alone by the humans is a gift and reminds me on how important it is for us humans to step back and give nature its place.

At least we should see ourself as a part of something bigger again an re-integrate. One sentence that sums it all up is:

Not the deer is crossing the road, it is the road crossing the forest!

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#177 – how coaching changes everything

simplicity of happiness · happy#177 – how coaching changes everything

Coaching has the potential to change everything – for you. 
Unlike consulting, coaching does not offer a new action plan or one new set of goals. At least does it have the potential to change much more.
Good coaching touches you on the inside and is able to unveil your biggest dreams and greatest desires. It can shift your mindset, change your image of the world and therefor create a new reality for you.

Coaching can change everything, what do you want to change?

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#176 – family

simplicity of happiness · happy#176 – family

Family first!
You have to be there for your family!
You can’t do that, think about your family!

Do these sound familiar to you?

Fortunately I haven’t heard them in my family, but I had been married into a family where this seemed the most important. At least as long as you didn‘d dig deeper, becaus then the destinction wasn‘t that clear anymore. There were on the one hand some members of the family where this didn‘t apply and on the other hand friends that were simply declared as a brother or cousin.

So what does it mean to be family? I am of the opinion that it is only a thought structure. After all, if go back enough in time, we are all somehow connected with everybody else. Family is a definition and you are allowed to define your own.
Choose wisely and surround yourself with those who lift you up and appreciate your help!

You are and become like the five people you spend the most time with. It‘s a choice. It‘s your choice.

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#175 – traveling

simplicity of happiness · happy#175 – traveling

Moving your physical body from one place to the other is not traveling. Move your mind as well and be present. More than that, don’t only change places but visit places you haven‘t seen before. Do something new for body and mind and you truly travel.
True travel will kick you out of your comfort zone and will help to widen your horizon.
But leaving the comfort zone is scary, I believe to everyone. The difference is just that people have different zones. While one left his, the other one might be still within. If that second person wants to grow, it will have to leave his own as well and that might be even scarier because it is so hard to push to the edge.
I strongly encourage you to find the edge of yours and go beyond. When it starts to scare you, it‘s when growth begins.
Go out and travel, let your horizon widen!

Until then, take care my friend.

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#174 – mentor

simplicity of happiness · happy#174 – mentor

Do you think that you can grow and thrive all on your own? Or does it help to look up to someone and may even have the chance to call that person and receive help?

I believe that having a mentor is one of the major aspects to thrive and develop your personality.

I experienced in my life over and over that being in contact with a person that look up to, helps me to clear my own path. 
just a couple of weeks ago I saw in a company that I was working for how important it is that young and aspiring team member have a mentor. That might be one of the key aspects for good company spirit and the growth of the company as a whole and the individual in special.

So besides looking for a mentor who achieved what you are longing for, who are you mentoring. With whom around you do you want share your experience and help them to become the best version of themselves?

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#173 – mean it

simplicity of happiness · happy#173 – mean it

How would it be, if you could take communication literally…? Wouldn‘t that make a lot of things easier?
I had to things about communication and the reason and use of using words that represent exactly what you mean in order to prepare a company workshop and realized this would make a good topic for a podcast episode.
Short version:
Cut all the BS and say what you mean and mean what you say!

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#172 – time is changing

simplicity of happiness · happy#172 – time is changing

Is my hair getting grey because time is passing or is time passing because my hair is turning grey.

What is time anyway? How would you measure time if nothing was moving. Sun not going up and down, your heart not beating, water not flowing, the clock not ticking or changing digits.
There wouldn’t be any chance that you can measure how time passed since you thought about the last time. Now picture that whole scenery slightly bigger.
Something like: Nothing moves! Ever! Like in space where there is nothing. A place even without light.
How do you measure time there.

This idea shows that the concept of time only works if things are moving and may it be energy. It was there, now it’s here and soon it will be somewhere else. And something is always moving. If you take a picture and capture that moment nothing is moving… well and no time is passing because you captured a moment.
But, isnt’t life always now and isn’t now always the moment? Does that mean now is timeless?

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#171 – embrace luxury

simplicity of happiness · happy#171 – embrace luxury

I love luxury.
That’s why I chose to live without it most of the time. Sounds strange, but makes sense when you think about it. What is luxury after all. Per definition it is something that you don’t have day in and day out.
Something unsusual, something that feels special when you have it.
The thing about us humans is, that we can get used to almost everything. As our frontal cortex (the part of our brain that is responsible for consciousness) is only capable of doin so many things it outsources.
Over 99,99% of al the information that our bodies deal with is handled on an automated basis. 
Therefor we can teach our body almost anything to deal with on an automated basis. We get used to it.
That is the point about luxury. It only feels luxurious/special as long as we don’t have it. As soon as we do, we get used to it and take it for granted. On our search for luxury we develop the next craving which is even harder to achieve than the last. Life becomes more difficult and we have more to lose than before.
It becomes harder to enjoy what we have (it became mandatory) and so much easier to worry (more to lose).
By giving up luxury and bringing yourself more often in situation where you need to depend on the basics can make you a more appreciative person and enjoy life more.

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#170 – health

simplicity of happiness · happy#170 – health

Several reasons let to this podcast episode about the most basic and precious thing in our life: health.

-a friend who thought he had a stroke
– an accident of a 4 year old
– a coachee of my age with a complicated cancer treatment
– an avalanche and an organ transplant.

Multiple reasons to think about life and how easy it might be lost. All other aspects and goals in life become secondary, compared to health.
You can’t achieve anything once you are gone and one day you will.

How will you use your time?

Take care my friend, Floh


happy#169 – simplifying the simplicity of happiness

simplicity of happiness · happy#169 – simplifying the simplicity of happiness

As I had new ideas in the past, I kept adding them to my portfolio.
While I had a rule with my material possessions: For each item that I added to my life, I needed to let go of two, I already owned.
At the same time I kept adding ideas to my professional life.
When I started to reconciliate websites and podcasts by the end of last year, I realized that I still had created way too many double structures over the last years.
More than that, had I reached a point where they were not motivating anymore but held me back. They started to cause confusion because I had no clear structure anymore. When I sad down to write an article I couldn’t focus as easy as I wished I could. That’s the thing about clutter, be it material or mental: It starts holding you back.
The moment something is not adding value to your life it might be time to let go.

So I did.

I asked myself what it is that I am doing, what is the main message, that I want to spread, what do all my projects have in common…
Quickly it became very clear with that changed approach, that everything I do can be summed up by the concept of the simplicity of happiness. (Maybe you could have guessed that, right?)
So I ditched everything else and combined it under the very same logo/brand/website:

Welcome to the!

Take care my friend, Floh

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