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happy#172 – time is changing

Is my hair getting grey because time is passing or is time passing because my hair is turning grey.

What is time anyway? How would you measure time if nothing was moving. Sun not going up and down, your heart not beating, water not flowing, the clock not ticking or changing digits.
There wouldn’t be any chance that you can measure how time passed since you thought about the last time. Now picture that whole scenery slightly bigger.
Something like: Nothing moves! Ever! Like in space where there is nothing. A place even without light.
How do you measure time there.

This idea shows that the concept of time only works if things are moving and may it be energy. It was there, now it’s here and soon it will be somewhere else. And something is always moving. If you take a picture and capture that moment nothing is moving… well and no time is passing because you captured a moment.
But, isnt’t life always now and isn’t now always the moment? Does that mean now is timeless?

happy#171 – embrace luxury

I love luxury.
That’s why I chose to live without it most of the time. Sounds strange, but makes sense when you think about it. What is luxury after all. Per definition it is something that you don’t have day in and day out.
Something unsusual, something that feels special when you have it.
The thing about us humans is, that we can get used to almost everything. As our frontal cortex (the part of our brain that is responsible for consciousness) is only capable of doin so many things it outsources.
Over 99,99% of al the information that our bodies deal with is handled on an automated basis. 
Therefor we can teach our body almost anything to deal with on an automated basis. We get used to it.
That is the point about luxury. It only feels luxurious/special as long as we don’t have it. As soon as we do, we get used to it and take it for granted. On our search for luxury we develop the next craving which is even harder to achieve than the last. Life becomes more difficult and we have more to lose than before.
It becomes harder to enjoy what we have (it became mandatory) and so much easier to worry (more to lose).
By giving up luxury and bringing yourself more often in situation where you need to depend on the basics can make you a more appreciative person and enjoy life more.

happy#170 – health

Several reasons let to this podcast episode about the most basic and precious thing in our life: health.

  • a friend who thought he had a stroke
  • an accident of a 4 year old
  • a coachee of my age with a complicated cancer treatment
  • an avalanche and an organ transplant.

Multiple reasons to think about life and how easy it might be lost. All other aspects and goals in life become secondary, compared to health.
You can’t achieve anything once you are gone and one day you will.

How will you use your time?

happy#169 – simplifying the simplicity of happiness

As I had new ideas in the past, I kept adding them to my portfolio.
While I had a rule with my material possessions: For each item that I added to my life, I needed to let go of two, I already owned.
At the same time I kept adding ideas to my professional life.
When I started to reconciliate websites and podcasts by the end of last year, I realized that I still had created way too many double structures over the last years.
More than that, had I reached a point where they were not motivating anymore but held me back. They started to cause confusion because I had no clear structure anymore. When I sad down to write an article I couldn’t focus as easy as I wished I could. That’s the thing about clutter, be it material or mental: It starts holding you back.
The moment something is not adding value to your life it might be time to let go.

So I did.

I asked myself what it is that I am doing, what is the main message, that I want to spread, what do all my projects have in common…
Quickly it became very clear with that changed approach, that everything I do can be summed up by the concept of the simplicity of happiness. (Maybe you could have guessed that, right?)
So I ditched everything else and combined it under the very same logo/brand/website:

Welcome to the!

happy#168 – boot, stuff you don‘t need

I have been on the road again and among others I visited the Düsseldorf boatshow called boot.

I had no specific idea about the boatshow before I went there, which left me completely open minded.Nevertheless I was surprised on how much plastic crap is available there. Not much about repair or DIY. Not really much about sailing either. Only very few smaller sailing boats at all and a lot of huge plastic hull with not so nice interior.

All of this left me thinking about stuff you need. Minimalism and simplicity is not only about getting rid of things you don‘t need. It is also about deciding what you you let into your life in the first place.

happy#167 – one word resolution

Did you have a new years resolution. Come on, not a tiny one?
So how is that one going?
Maybe not so good?
Here I have an idea. In fact, its not my idea, I borrowed it from Mike Mandel. As so often simplifying will help your unconscious to have a clear direction what to aim for. So the resolution consists of one word only.
Most likely that word is some kind of nominalization, a verb that you turn into a noun. Mine for example is „sailing“.
Normally a nominalisation can become a bit of a problem in communication because every person interpretates it different. In this case that’s no problem. It is your word and you are the only one who decides what you fill it with and your unconsciousness already knows.
You’ll include that one word into your morning routine, your decision taking process, your meditation, your prayer, whatever you do to keep yourself focused.
This word will start to give you a clear direction. You will start to take decisions that will clear up the path to living your goal.

happy#166 – who is the fool

Who is the fool, the fool or the fool who follows the fool. I read plenty about people who complain about ignorant people at the top and there are for sure enough of them. To mention a few of them:
– Trump
– Erdogan
– Putin
– Orban
– Maduro
– Bolzanero

Especially with Bolzanero being sworn into office at the beginning of this month I read a couple of articles about the world being doomed by the powerful few.

The few who are in control of the media.
The few who control the 100 companies who produce 50% of the worldwide emissions.
The few who produce the weapons that kill so many.
The few who control most of the money.

But guess what, you can’t take over power by yourself. Power is always something that others give to you. Sounds weird? Well let us look at most of the political figures I mentioned at the top. All of them where elected in a democratic progress. 
You might argue that they mislead the public with desinformation or that they used injustice in the democratic process, but in the end they somehow played by the rules and a major part of the population wanted them as their leader.
If no one wanted them in the first place, they wouldn’t be where they are right now.
Same for the companies. Ok, they make money with what they are doing, BUT 

  • 1. no company takes decisions, its always people behind each decision.
  • 2. If nobody would work for the company, they couldn’t produce and they couldn’t make money. 
  • 3. Furthermore somebody has to buy their products. And once again, it’s the buyers free choice to buy or not to buy.

Same with the weapon industry.
And last but not least we would always have the chance to elect politicians who create laws that would limit those activities. Now I can already hear people complain, that there are no good politician and/or that the ones with good opinion and uncorrupted minds don’t have a chance because they will be discriminated by big bussiness. 
Once again, if a majority would vote different tables would turn. It is up to you and every single one of us. If we won’t have a change in politics or in society it is due to a lack of willingness to change among all of us.
Be the change you want to see in the world.

happy#165 – the concept of reality

Happy new year to you.
Thank you for being a listener over the last year. As you might know, has it been a bit bumpy for me and I am sure that you are able to tell your own story about ups and downs.
Always remember that your ups can be somebody elses downs and vice versa.
Everything depends on the perspective. If you could change perspective things could look different and sometimes exactly that change of perspective is too difficult.
Now it gets really weird.
Even reality depends on perspective, whether you see a chair as a chair, wether you can look rigth through it or don’t see it at all depends on perspective. Even whether you see it as matter or only as energy depends on your perspective.
That means that all the images that you have in your mind are only reflection of the reality and when you want to solve a real problem you are always dealing with your own perspective, your own representation of reality and therefor it doesn’t matter if you deal with the problem or create a metaphor which is often way easier to change.
Give it a try.

Interesting read, an end to upside down thinking:

happy#164 – helping

Last week I talked about accepting help and just after I recorded that, help was offered again and gave me the opportunity to finally move to the new harbor. This left me thinking about help and human interaction in general.

We as human beings and as the human race can not really develop on our own. Some of us might need more contact and others less, but overall we all need contact and help and some point in our life.

We don’t really grow when we are alone. We need to get into contact with the outer world to find jour limits and to expand them. Interaction with other human beings, sharing knowledge and experience is one of the best ways to expand your horizon.

For some of us that is not as easy as for others, especially when financial or cultural boundaries are holding us back. This is where you can take action. You can reach out and help those who can use it most. Unconditional. Just helping because you can (and secretly knowing that it will all come back)

Therefor I founded KIDZ a year ago and I hope you will help me in helping others.

Helping children at KIDZ:

happy#163 – accepting help

I know everything so much better than everybody else… Sometimes it feels like that from my perspective and I know it is not true. It might result from the fact that I am the only one living inside my head. I am the only only who can see life from my perspective and I feel as others are missing something (well… maybe they are missing my perspective).
In my life I combine these feeling with the strong desire for freedom. I want to be able to achieve everything I want on my own without needing permission. I don‘t want to be dependent, but be able to move, act and live without asking anybody about it.
Therefor I have the tendency to not ask for or accept any help.
But… receiving help, being thankful for it and offering help wherever you can will add to you life and is one step towards happiness.

Helping children at KIDZ:

happy#162 – nothing is lost, ever!

I lost something, or at least somebody lost something that was mine which could lead to my first question. What does it mean to be mine or what would I need to do to call something mine.
But that shall be the topic of another episode.
All my German Podcast episodes have been deleted by accident and the Podcast provider does not have any backups. This made me think about win and loss in life and what it actually means if something is not there anymore.
I became ver clear that you just need to look at the atomic or the energetic level to see that nothing is ever lost. It is only transferred to a different level. Nothing is ever gone, it is only somewhere else. That also means that now thought or no person is ever lost. They just don’t exist in the known form anymore.
They transferred into something new. That means in the contrary that every ending is aways the start of a new beginning as well. Whenever you lose something you will gain something else. Keep your eyes open what it might be.

happy#161 – fear

Real man are not fearful, right?
I am not so sure about this. As fear is one the most natural feeling that was guaranteeing the survival of mankind for millenia, it is important to as well have fear, feel fear and even express fear.
It is a sign to us to be careful and cautious about somthing.
Way more important than the feeling itself is what you will do with it. As fear comes from deep inside, from your unconscious mind, it is a feeling that is trying to protect you as your unsconscious always wants your best

Unfortunately it only knows what is best based on what it already knows. That means for you, that every time that you leave your comfort zone fear pops up and tries to warn you of something. Growth only happens, when you leave your comfort zone every once in while and then it is up top you how you go on from there.
For you that means no growth without fear.

I shattered my comfort zone multiple times in the last weeks… but listen yourself.

happy#160 – live forever

Image you were forever alive. Imagine you’d have to live with all the consequences of your actions. For ever?
Now let us bring that one step further. Imagine you were all the same. Whatever you would do to someone or something else you would do to yourself.
Would that influence your actions?

Momentarily I am reading the book: “An End to Upside Down Thinking: Dispelling the Myth That the Brain Produces Consciousness, and the Implications for Everyday Life” by Mark Gober.

He states that the brain is not creating consciousness but that conscioussnes does exist outside of the material body and in fact is creating everything else.

The one theory that most of these thoughts are based on, is that everything that can be proven by science can only be validated by our conscious mind. There is no proof that anything could ever be validated without a conscious mind to validate it.
We can imagine such a scenario and based on our findings now is has to be exactly the same without our conscious mind. sounds logical but is impossible to be proven. One thing we can not explain so far is how consciousness evolved and how it is created. Almost all aspects of life in this physical world can be explained, but not consciousness.
The foundation of our science is the validation by our consciousness.
Consciousness is proclaimed to be caused by us (our brain) but cannot be proven.

Therefor our whole scientific belief system of the physical worls is based on the one thing that cannot be explained by it and yet is generally considered to the cause for exactly that, our conscious mind.

If you look at it this way it can‘t make sense, therefor the explanation of Makr Gober is to turn it around and say: first was consciousness and it created everything else.

We still don‘t know where it comes from but all of a sudden the scientific system makes sense and errors like the difference between the theorie of relativity and quantum mechanics won‘t cause the whole theoretic system to collapse.

Furthermore the supernatural things that occur in life also make sense.

It would indeed mean something more:

It is not us, it is not me, who created my conscious mind which is different from everybody elses. It would mean that there is only one consciousness, that decided to become partially me in this physical (or physical imagined) world, as well as anybody and anything else on earth.

As a consequence of these thoughts my conscious mind or if you will my soul will never die and might come back in a different packing multiple times. You might live with the results of your actions for eternity. Imagine now, the whole physical world and the life within does only have the one reason, to help the universal consciousness grow….

What would that mean for you and your life?

Mark Gober: An end to upside down thinking:

happy#159 – planning vs. intuition

While planning is mostly done in our frontal cortex, the conscious mind, intuition or gutt feeling is more of an unconscious process.
While for a large part of my life I was sure that the more knowledge I have, the better decisions I can take and therefor become a better person, this belief changed over the last years.
I had to learn that although our conscious decisions seem to make so much sense, our unconsious is really in charge.
When conscious mind is in charge of the navigation, the unconscious is the running the boat, being the skipper. As long as we don’t convince the skipper that our navigation is correct, we can calculate as much as we want and will still never change the course.
Therefor it is not so much a question of planning VERSUS intuition but more planning AND intuition.
Make plans and take decisions what to do and then check back with your intuition if this is the right way to go. Be careful, it speaks in a very soft voice and when you hear it trust your gutt. Your unconscious always wants to protect you and will be your strongest supporter if you act accordingly.

happy#097 – start with persistance

So many people want to already reach the goal the moment they start with something. At least they want to know every single step until they make it to the goal. If they don’t they won’t even start.
I can tell you that sometimes it just is so much more effective to just get it started and then show enough persistence to keep going and learn from the feedback.

happy#094 – heritage & identity

Ever thought about your identity being shaped by what your your ancestors might have experienced? Well, if not, maybe you should.

happy#099 – don’t take the rainbow serious

What makes up your personality? Is it your thoughts? If yes… what are your thoughts? Are they anyhow physical? Did you ever touch them? Are they solid?
I guess that most of the answers will be a no. So as you can watch and like or dislike a rainbow, you could also treat your thoughts. Don’t take them to serious. Don’t take yourself too serious.

Let the good and the bad thoughts come and go and you… be yourself!

happy#100 – chasing dreams

Do you have dreams or do you live your dreams?
Maybe both. In any case living your dreams might just not feel as desirable as you thought before and you might keep chasing and chasing for new dreams.

Whatever you do. Pause every once in a while and value what you already have.

happy#098 – direct your view

Our internal Spamfilter saves us from most of the information that our nervous system provides every second. Approximately the factor 1 million. When you manage to direct your view and your first attention to a topic that was filtered before you can gain a huge amount of new information over the next week.

happy#095 – pressure or motivation

How do you like to be motivated by others? Pressure of motivation? 
So how do you motivate yourself? And does it make sometimes sense to be motivated through pressure for a while?

happy#096 – weather in your head

It is not the weather that makes you feel good or bad it is always yourself. Have you ever been sad when the sun is shining? Have you ever been happy when it was raining? 
There we go! Isn’t it the same with all of your thoughts?

There is no good or bad. There are just thoughts and you alone decide wether they make you feel good or bad.mind you can feel however you want to

happy#093 – productivity

When you live your life like a vacation it might be hard to stay focused and keep your productivity up.
Even when you sit yourself down and focus on your work, you might be distracted all over the place.

Today I’ll tell you how I manage to keep my productivity up and get some things done.

happy#092 – awareness

In the last episodes I talked about the concept of time. A conclusion is, that time is always now and that past and future exist only in our mind. One problem of unhappy people might be that their mind are most of the time in the future or the past. Worrying or being regretful. An easy solution to that problem could be, to be more present. Living here and now.

You can train awareness to be here even faster.

happy#091 – concept of time

The concept of time is one that I didn’t understand so far. What if there is no time but just now? Because now is always and always is now.

happy#089 – creativity

What does creativity mean to you and what will you do when you loose your creativity? I believe that most of the people who are working on and dealing with difficult tasks come to a point where they get stuck and miss a new and creative new way of finding solutions.Although meant not literal, it still can be very frightening to let your mental babies, your most loved projects and ideas go. In order to create something even better that sometimes is necessary to evolve to a better version.

happy#090 – killing your babies

Although meant not literal, it still can be very frightening to let your mental babies, your most loved projects and ideas go. In order to create something even better that sometimes is necessary to evolve to a better version.

happy#087 – daily workout

One of the most important factors for a happy life is a healthy body. Furthermore a daily workout gets your metabolism going which can create a positive flow for the whole day.
Give it a try and do it daily.

happy#088 – staying calm

I get into situations every now and then where I react on automatisms that don’t always turn the situation into the better. I worked on it though.Nowadays it doesn’t happen to me that often anymore. At least my reaction doesn’t make the situation worse anymore.

How I got there? By continuous training of the mind.

happy#085 – team management

You can manage a team, company, family country either by rule and force or by participation and positive motivation. I think the latter makes much more sense but what if you don’t meet your goals? Back to control and force?
Or what would be the difference?

happy#086 – consistency

Just having talked about team management I have a very good example for one. How do i motivate somebody who has obviously no interest in working with me/us. I let him go. I let him go and offer a straw that he can come back if he offers an own solution.

happy#083 – balance

If you try to find your balance you might want to start with finding the balance in your body. Just have a seat at the beach and watch a bunch of tourist try to get on a boat and then think about wether or not those people are in balance with themselves.

happy#084 – precision

Talk as precise as you can. Everything in your body and mind is interconnected. If you watch your speech, you’ll train your mind and your thoughts and your behavior will follow to match your thoughts as precise as possible.

happy#082 – email

Email has become one most time saving and one of the most time consuming factors in our daily business and even private life.
Here are some tips how to reduce the stress with the emails.

happy#081 – values

Do you know your hierarchy of values? Which values drive you towards something and which values drive you away from something. Which are important for a happy life and your decision finding process.

Today I tell you how to find out.

happy#080 – change

Change is nothing that sometimes happens and sometimes does not. Change is what makes life be alive. Without change things would exist but would not be alive.
The constant change is what makes a living being.
Stop fighting the change in wishing the good old days to stay as they were. You decide if you want to be part of the change for the better or the worse.
Be the change you want to be in the world!

happy#079 – essentials

What matters most in your life Do you now, or do you just have a slight feeling?

Doing the following list could help you set the direction for your future happy life.

happy#078 – on your own

Today I will tell you the opposite of what I told you yesterday. Do something on your own! Way too long I have spend procrastinating in my own life and I see so many people who spent their days killing time and never being satisfied with what they do.
So yes: Sometimes chill, sometimes play with friends and sometimes consciously do something on your own.

Spend some quality time with yourself!

happy#076 – wellness weekend

The episode: million is just a number, although it might be true, can leave you with a feeling of comparison to other. In the end you might still feel worthless or poor or just treated unfair by life.
I give some ideas how you could also view the very same situation.

happy#077 – playmate

The time of the biggest growth in our life was our childhood. Children develop best and the fastest when they have a buddy to play with, at least in the vast majority. Playing was learning from others and it was fun.

Go out and play!

happy#074 – 21 days

To create a new routine, it will take you approximately 21 days of daily training. That is the idea behind my new online coaching program ‚make life great again’ that will be launched this summer. 21 days of daily input to change your life to one that you truly deserve.

happy#075 – chill out

Chilling is meditation light. When you truly do nothing and just remain in the present, fully alert with all the different senses you are in the present. You are here and now and might become a more relaxed version of yourself.

happy#072 – basic desire: honor

Often I refer to the ReissProfile, an international Motivation Analysis tool. On of the 16 desires is called honor and today I talk why my honor motivation gives me pain and what I can do about it as well as how you can behave with the honor motivation that you might have.

happy#073 – keeping routines

Planning for a new routine might be an easy thing. Well, at least for some. Starting a new routine might also work, but keeping it up until it actually is a solid and reliable routine takes a while. Often people (and me) fail on the way there.
Today I talk about what I do myself to force my unconscious mind (2. Attention) to take my approach serious.

happy#071 – letting go

So often we get involved with things we don’t like or we stay attached with things we don’t like anymore. On others it seems easy to let go. What is the difference?
Find out and let go!

happy#070 – no hate without love

I thought about hate and that I hate hate… Then I realized that there is no hate without love and hate could make you rediscover your love again…

happy#069 – John Lee Dumas – no control

When you „try“ to plan for everything… you might be even more surprised that control is just an illusion.
Having talked about control before this episode is just a friendly reminder.

happy#068 – creating a daily routine

Did you ever make a plan for tomorrow and then you never made it?
Maybe you need a daily routine to make it happen without even thinking about it.

Give it a try. It takes 21 days and will become a habit.

happy#067 – repair & value stuff

Is it our right as human being to use, consume and throw away things?
Maybe… when you take into account that some people use only organic stuff?

Since we are mostly dependent on non organics, we should become more aware of the true value… Repairing broken things might be a step in the right direction.

happy#066 – why why why

Why can be one of the most limiting words in your vocabulary. If you manage to get rid of it it might help to change your whole attitude towards the positive.

happy#065 – learnings from an ultramarathon

Ultramarathon is something that most people don’t do in their life. And still it is something that everyone can learn from for their own life. Running and training for an ultra run is quite similar to reaching a far away goal.
It is the same character traits that are needed to succeed. Most of all, take failure as a feedback and be persistent.Why can be one of the most limiting words in your vocabulary. If you manage to get rid of it it might help to change your whole attitude towards the positive.

happy#064 – frustration

Frustration can be one of the most annoying feelings of all. It can steel all your energy and mostly it doesn’t really help to be a better person. Today I show you one very simple way of turning a bad feeling and mood into a good one.

happy#063 – evernote

Among other tools I use, Evernote is the Centerpiece of my Officeless Office. Almost everything I make, produce, have to remember or write makes it through Evernote at one or another time. Today I give you a short introduction in how I use Evernote in my daily routine.

happy#062 – depth

Financially there is one advice for happiness.
Have no depth!

Your money or your life:

happy#059 – say no!

It might happen, that, while trying to be and stay a nice person you say yes, when you are asked for a favor.
Doing that it can be quite hard to stay focused on what you really want. It might even be difficult to even serve those you promised to because you keep getting distracted by other who you also promise a yes.

Sometimes it might be helpful to say no in order to keep your yes.

happy#060 – 100 days

100 days in Zanzibar and 100 days of daily meditation.
It helped me through some frustrated days. I am still struggling sometimes but overall it seems so much easier…

happy#061 – keep your promise

I believe that you will not be truly happy people if you are not a trusted and reliable person, to yourself and others. If you keep letting other people down on your promises. If you don’t keep the promises you make to yourself you won’t honor yourself, you won’t like yourself. 
The bet think about being honorable is that is 100% up to you wether you are or you are not.

happy#058 – a culture of learning

What do you think? How hard is it to personally grow without learning.
I see how different, kids, teenager and later even grown ups behave when they never learnt how to learn.

So do yourself and you kids the favor and create a culture of learning.

Stay young, stay curious, stay foolish!

happy#056 – powercut

I have the chance o experience quiet often how dependent we ar on regular power supply. Last weekend we had no power for three days which makes us have some troubles even here.

That is when I realized that it is not having or not having something that give you freedom but options that do.

To learn to go without (fill in yourself 😉 increases your options. Increased options can increase your freedom. Increased freedom can increase your happiness.

happy#057 – upsite down

When I was a kid I dreamt about sailing without having it tried ever.
2012 I decided that I will start to sail around the world before I turn 40.
Now I am about to buy my first boat which will be a traditional arab dhow.
That brings some problems with it, but hear yourself:

happy#055 – mikumi

Driving on a normal road in Mikumi, I saw Zebra, Buffalo and Elephants next to road and started to wonder. What can we do to preserve the last beauties of the earth. Is it even up to us what happens on the other end of the world?
You decide with your consumption and maybe its about time to fund some rescue the world projects.

happy#054 – when you lose a wheel

The other week when we visited Ruaha Nationapark everything went wrong one day. Our car was about to fall apart. Wouldn’t start, battery down, break broken… then we fixed it and lost a wheel in the middle of the park.
Also had to fix it and drove home knowing that we could lose again at any time…
In the end we had a remarkable trip to be remembered for the rest of our lifes.

It always depends on you how you will view things in life.

happy#053 – the lion in us

On our way back from an adventurous game drive in Ruaha national park, we first met a whole family of African elephants. Later, outside the park shortly before the village that we are camping in, a lion crossed our street. About 100m meter in front he appeared from the woods on the right, stepped on the road, stopped, looked at us and disappeared in the woods on the left.
This picture made think a lot about danger, nature and balance in life.
This is also a very good picture of what we are doing to our own life and our own body. 
What is it that we can do to be better in balance with life and nature?

happy#052 – democracy

Nowadays I often hear say that we don’t really live in a democracy because there is no real choice. I very clearly want to disagree. 
Just the other day we had to American guests at the lodge and they were pointing out thing that are not going right in America. With a lot of their concern if not most they were right.
But I absolutely did not agree with the consequence they drew from their frustration.
They believe that the USA are not a democracy and that your vote doesn’t count because there are multinationals and media who influence you in their own interest.
I can understand that tendency but in the end, it is always up to yourself. You decide what you believe. You decide what you buy and you decide who you vote for.

happy#051 – craftmanship

Technology can make your life easier but often it doesn’t make it happier. Happy comes from doing the right thing. So learn to do something right.
Get a hobby or a job or a mission were you produce something with your own hand and it will be one step towards your happy life.

happy#050 – technology

Do you think it is a blessing or a curse that our life is dominated by electronics.
How do you use it, or does it use you?
Think about the episode of yesterday. Today you can chose so much. You can also choose to which degree you will use technology.
I think what helps most is when you arrange your life without technological gadget and make yourself clear that you don’t need them, maybe once a week or once a month. Or one week per month or every second weekend. It is your decision. But make sure that you maintain a mindset that lets you be independent from your phone, your computer, facebook, google and the internet.
Once you created and maintain that mindset you will always be able to decide yourself to which degree you are dependent.

happy#048 – control

Have you ever looked for the save solution?
Often safe means to be and to stay in control ut there is only one thing certain about control. Control is never safe. It’s never certain.
Control is just an illusion.

Giving up control can give you freedom!

happy#049 – master or slave

150 years ago it was on you to decide to decide on which side of history you were standing. You were born a slave or a master and there was almost no way to change that. Fortunately that changed and most people in modern society are able to chose were and how they work.
Today often I hear people that they are treated or feel like slaves…

They think, they don’t have a choice in jobs, in private or life altogether.

WRONG! Wake up and use your freedom.

happy#047 – start at the end

Often we learn to be realistic. We analyze status quo and try to figure out what we can do with what we already have. Sometimes and I think most of the times companies and entrepreneurs act the same. The invent a product or have an idea, produce and then find somebody to sell it, instead of thinking about the consumers needs first. I learned in marketing to start with the needs of the customer instead of the product that I want to sell. The results will be so much better.
Actually the same applies to reaching your greatest goals. Think big and start at the outcome. Imagine it as realistic as you can and then start thinking backwards
To make a plan how to reach your biggest dreams.

happy#046 – expectation management

Clear language can make a huge difference. In your communication with others as well as in the communication with yourself. The way you talk, you direct your mind and the way you think. Your behavior will follow your thinking and you will talk accordingly.
If you talk clearly other people will know what they can expect. You might risk a direct no but you can react immediately and prevent misunderstanding which would lead to frustration at a later point any way.

happy#045 – natures beauty needs no plastic

Driving through the most incredible landscape I realized once again that we need to be careful to preserve the world that was given to us. It is not ours, we just borrowed it from our kids and grandkids. We should take care about it.

happy#044 – don’t try, do

Thinking is a way of directing your unconscious mind. Be careful what and how you think. There are words that direct you mind in one or in another direction. The word try is one of them. Be careful when and if at at all you use it. Better you do it, than to try it.

happy#042 – principles, not rules

So many rules are hard to follow. Sometimes it’s almost impossible. For example the rule to not cross a red light. Even at 3am and completely alone. Wouldn’t it be so nice to change those rules into principles. More like a: You have no priority when cars are coming… We could also apply more principles instead of rules to our own life. Principles offer a variety of possibilities instead a simple yes or no.

happy#043 – million is just a number

I so much wanted to be a millionaire when I was young. Now that I am, I had to to find out, that I forget to specify the currency. Since then i keep asking myself what the currency means anyway. It is just an agreement build on trust that a million here is more worse than over there. And still, a number can always be taken away from you.
What does it make sense to invest in after all? Maybe time?
Wanna be a time millionaire?

happy#041 – life’s a rough road

When life feels like a rough road and you neither know why you are on it nor if it will ever end you might discover a surprise once it does. The roughest road lead to the most remote and beautiful places.

happy#040 – surprises make happy

If someone really surprises you with something that you really like that can make you happy, right?
To be surprised it needs to be something that you don’t usually have and something that you don’t expect. Because I reduced so much over the last years and am happy with so little that I just had the situation of total surprise in the middle of nowhere in Southern Tanzania.

happy#039 – risks worth taking

The bigger the risk is the bigger the change can be. Big change can lead to an immense improve of your situation. What are the risks that you fear to take?

happy#038 – trust

Dealing with people always comes down to trust. You trust somebody or you don’t. Even more important: do others trust you? Investing in your consistency and therefor reliability will lead to more people trusting you, which would be a very good investment in you future.

happy#036 – no shortcut to success

Wouldn’t it be nice and easy to know the shortcuts in life? You can find tons of books out there that try to teach you how you can systematically learn and train the shortcuts to more success and/or happiness. Unfortunately that is just not working on a sustainable level. Especially with happiness you will have to get into the doing. Without action there is no body reaction. Without body reaction there is no emotion, no feeling, no happiness. 
Spent the same amount of time finding the shortcut with things you really like to do and you are already one major step closer.

happy#037 – accept now

What would happen if you’d wake up tomorrow and live the life of somebody else? Would you regret decisions made in the past? Or would you examine the situation and try to take the right decision from on? Imagine you had the freedom to take just the situations that you think re right now and make life better?
Guess what? That’s what you will do tomorrow!

happy#035 – medicine

Normally I am not sick very often. Now I was. Three times in a row and I was so thankful to have the possibility to rely on modern medicine although I mostly look for another solution.
It showed me, that so many of the modern inventions actually are good and make our life easier one or another way. It only becomes difficult when we rely on them so much that we think we can’t go without. What are you dependent on?

happy#034 – freedom

What does freedom mean to you? Is it only your own freedom or do you also think about other peoples freedom. And what can you do to increase both?

happy#033 – no body, no chocolate

All our feelings and emotions are reactions of our brain to our body. If you don’t take care of your body you won’t make it to a happy life.
My advice, watch your body. Be ware of what you put in and train it as much as you can.

happy#032 – inbox zero

One of the most annoying things in busy peoples life is often the hundreds of email they receive everyday. One of the most successful strategies you can use to reduce the stress of a full inbox and even countless unread emails is INBOX ZERO.

happy#030 – focus on one task

African time 😉 After posting episode 28 after 29 I went straight to 31 and today the missing 30. I’ll work on my counting:

Distraction, procrastination, whatever you might call it. Staying focused seems to be one of the major issues nowadays. This doesn’t get better when you are a busy person. Although some might argue that they are good multitaskers that will most likely not be true. You might be able to do two different things simultaneously, but both results will be worse than had you focused on only one.

happy#031 – convincing

Whenever you try to convince anyone of one of your plans or if you try to speak about a problem you have or had it helps to follow some simple rules.

happy#028 – scheduled events

Sitting on a rooftop in Marrakesh I recorded this episode about my plans for 2017 and then the whole episode got lost and was rediscovered just now.

happy#029 – happy new year

Happy new year to all of you and welcome to my 100 days of daily podcasting with the tip of the day.

happy#027 – sahara

After the 4th day of walking through Sahara with my SAHARA experience IV group I recorded this episode covered in the shade of one of the few trees around. I caught a cold just before I left to Sahara which you might be able tell. Apart from that I was at peace with myself and the earth. If you ever feel, that you are too distracted in life and it hard for you to focus on what matters most to you, think about joining me. Maybe in April?

happy#026 – mindpalace

I recorded this interview a while ago with two amazing young women who run their own podcast called „the mind palace podcast“. Their show is dedicated to minimalism and the joy of less. The English-American team talked about podcasting, friendship, and shaping the future.

JESSICA LYNN WILLIAMS is an artist and I am a lover of written word, both in reading and writing.
She works as a freelance web designer and minimalist mentor in Maui, Hawaii where she spends her days going swimming in the ocean with her dog, Arrow and snorkeling with her husband.
She is inspired by Colin Wright and The Minimalists.

MELISSA CAIN has got a degree in English Literature and Fashion Journalism which is where she cultivated her interest in style, culture, and writing. She spends her days working with children, and in her spare time she loves hiking around the wild English countryside, travelling, watching documentaries and reading. 
Her journey into minimalism started four years ago when she came across The Minimalists website and it transformed her life.

If you do take the time to listen to any of the mind palace podcast shows – don’t be a stranger! Reach out and share your thoughts with me via social media.

happy#025 – live or die

So often I just get caught up in stuff I didn’t mean to do before. I don’t know how it is with you, but often that kind of stuff doesn’t do me any good. When I recognize that, I often think that… well, tomorrow is just another day.
Now I had to realize that no matter how old you are, every day can be your last and I try to live up to best person I can possibly be. As I have been traveling with nomads in Sahara for a week again their understanding of life makes so much sense: You live or you die, it’s not in your hands!

happy#024 – love people, use stuff

It makes so much sense to say things like: love people and use stuff, but every now and then it happens be quite hard to act accordingly. To get what you want it seems to be the easiest to manipulate and use other people. Isn’t that what everybody is doing. 
And the new car, new phone, new stereo, new snowboard you just bought and spent so much time working for the money to buy. Isn’t it normal to love these things?
I am giving you an example today of something that I tend to love and what solution I found for myself.So often I just get caught up in stuff I didn’t mean to do before. I don’t know how it is with you, but often that kind of stuff doesn’t do me any good. When I recognize that, I often think that… well, tomorrow is just another day.
Now I had to realize that no matter how old you are, every day can be your last and I try to live up to best person I can possibly be. As I have been traveling with nomads in Sahara for a week again their understanding of life makes so much sense: You live or you die, it’s not in your hands!

happy#018 – open borders

I am traveling a lot and I see how much traveling helps my mind and my understanding to develop. When I open the news or even facebook I read about people whose biggest desire it seems to be to shut down the borders and isolate them from the rest of the world. As if this would change anything for the better.
Therefor this episode is a pledge to open the borders. Not only in your heads 😉

It is the simplicity of happiness that matters most.

When more is too much, it could mean it’s just right now. This show is about simplicity and ideas for more happiness. Interviews with people who have something interesting to say and personal stories by and from Florian Hornig (Floh).

happy#019 – failure

One of the events that can make the biggest difference for the positive in your life is a decent FAILURE. Fail often and fail early. And then? Keep learning from it. What makes a failure a failure is yourself. You could also regard it as a feedback from the universe and develop further.
Failures can become your life’s greatest learning experiences.

Look at at what you thought were failures and start learning! Now!

happy#020 – control

Neither are kids in control of their life nor do they think they are. Often they decide based on the situation and their feelings. And then they grow up. They learn, that mankind is dominated the nature and that we are in control. That it is just a question of right technique. Not being in control is soon regarded as a weakness and failure. The fear to lose control can become so great that some people forget or fear to live the life they dream of.
So let me tell you this: There is no such thing as control. Be a kid again! Control is only an illusion!

happy#021 – paperless

Have you ever thought about all the paper stuff that is in your cupboard? I talked so often about stuff you own and mentioned mostly clothes. But when you draw you attention to all the papers you own it can easily add up to several 100 pounds. Why do you keep it? Emotions? Important information?
You can enjoy all of that when it is digitalized as well. I am going to present you some tools that can help you become paperless…

happy#022 – two chairs

Today I am sharing a coaching tool with you that can help you to to change the behaviors of other. At least it can help you change your interaction you loop you experience with the person you have a problem with. You might even go further and solve problems that only exist in your mind or even pain might be reduced or disappears afterwards.

happy#023 – hello & farewell

The realization that you will eventually lose everything that you ever value in your life might either lead to a depression or can make you enjoy every moment in life.
Everything material object, even our bodies have a beginning and an end. Some things just last longer than others. One day either they or you are broken and it s up to you wether you suffer or the enjoy the time that you have.

happy#014 – are you god?

„Are you god?“ is not the question that I ask myself but the character in a short story I recently read. Since I wouldn’t consider myself a religious but more of a spiritual person. Sometimes it might help to see yourself as part of something bigger, to start treating everybody else as good as you would like to be treated yourself.

It is the simplicity of happiness that matters most.

happy#015 – LAURENT BURDIN | the interview

Laurent Burdin is founder of Space and Lemon GmbH, mixing two activities of startup mentoring and innovation agency. In Hamburg, Berlin and soon in London. The agency activity targets at larger corporations focusing on business development two years ahead, on predictive analytics and always has a startup dimension.
This „something new“ company was launched in 2016. In 2015 Laurent Burdin toured the tech and startup world from San Francisco to Shanghai. Before that he managed digital agency SinnerSchrader and SinnerScharder Mobile Berlin (8 years) and well-known ad agency Springer & Jacoby (8 years).
He is passionate about „how technology is stirring up marketing, business models and complete industries“.

Twitter: @laurentburdin

It is the simplicity of happiness that matters most.

happy#016 – sleep

Whatever your goal is to achieve in life, you wont reach it if you don’t have enough energy. No matter how hard you train, you will refill energy when you are asleep. You pay more attention to your sleep, you’ll sleep better and you will reach more of your goal in a shorter time with less effort.

Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson 
Meditation App I:
Meditation App II:

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