happy#175 – traveling

simplicity of happiness · happy#175 – traveling

Moving your physical body from one place to the other is not traveling. Move your mind as well and be present. More than that, don’t only change places but visit places you haven‘t seen before. Do something new for body and mind and you truly travel.
True travel will kick you out of your comfort zone and will help to widen your horizon.
But leaving the comfort zone is scary, I believe to everyone. The difference is just that people have different zones. While one left his, the other one might be still within. If that second person wants to grow, it will have to leave his own as well and that might be even scarier because it is so hard to push to the edge.
I strongly encourage you to find the edge of yours and go beyond. When it starts to scare you, it‘s when growth begins.
Go out and travel, let your horizon widen!

Until then, take care my friend.

Take care my friend, Floh

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